7 Unfashionable Things To Avoid Doing This Thanksgiving

7 Unfashionable Things To Avoid Doing This Thanksgiving

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We hate those ridiculous editorials giving tips on how to look fashionable of America’s fattest day. Let’s be real, most of us are with close family or friends. There’s no need to front… but this doesn’t give us a free pass to look crazy.

We’re not here to command you to do anything, because trust, we’ll be laid out like a cow in pasture come Thursday night. But we can give a few household tips to look somewhat good on the Day of Thanks.

1. Going without a bra for a full 24-hours:
We know it’s always comfortable to let them hang out on holidays, but support will make that sweater look less homely.

2. Keeping your hair in a doobie wrap:
Despite what Rihanna’s stylist, Ursula Stephen says, doobies should not go beyond running errands. That’s right, brush out the good work of your Dominican hairstylist.

3. Going all of the morning without brushing your teeth:
This one is more of a basic hygiene rule. But ish happens when you’re forgetfully working in the kitchen.

4. Keeping your dirty apron on when siting down to eat:
You put your fist, arm and shoulder into that turkey– have some pride for your work and eat it in clean clothes.

5. Leaving your hair in a messy bun:
You have no excuse. If you can do a messy bun, surely you can rework it into a more fashionable high bun.

6. Dinner hopping with Tupperware from the previous house:
They know you had plans to visit every family member, co-worker and friend separately. Just don’t bring the evidence.

7. Leaving your pajamas on all day:
Now this is a hard one to work past, but a researchers note that getting dressed for the day makes those who work from home more diligent. We figure that has to translate on working on that plate of food.

The most important thing is to enjoy every moment of the day with those in your life! Have a fabulous holiday, StyleBlazers.