Need A Break From Thanksgiving Prep? Here Are 5 Quick Distractions

Cosby ThanksgivingPhoto: Screenshot/”The Cosby Show”

It’s 2 p.m. on Thanksgiving, do you know where your food is? Is your turkey in the oven? Is your cranberry sauce approaching gel perfection inside the fridge? If you answered yes to the above, your wine glass definitely needs a refill. (If not, get off the internet and get back to stirring!)

For those out there who need a break from the grueling process that is Thanksgiving dinner prep, here are five quick distractions to give your mind a break. So grab your laptop and your wineglass and take your laptop to the nearest quiet corner. Enjoy.

1. “Cliff’s Wet Adventure”: This is one of the funniest “Cosby Show” episodes of all time. It’s Thanksgiving at the Huxtable household and Cliff keeps being sent out in the rain on dinner errands–but all the stores are closed. Bill Cosby’s facial expressions are worth the watch alone. Watch the entire episode here. Time needed: 20 minutes.

2. LOL at this holiday GIF guide: Today marks the official kick-off of the 2013 holiday season and as we’ve all known since birth–that means a heck of a lot of family time and binge eating to deal with it. The good folks over at The Cut came up with a GIF guide that pretty accurately depicts a lot of the ups and downs during this difficult–but tasty–time of year. Our favorite emotion? “When your mom tells you the stuffing is gluten-free.” See here for the results. Time needed: 5 minutes. (Two for laughing.)

3. Check out the Dolce & Gabanna Christmas tree. Domenico and Stefano succeeded in bringing a bit of Italian artistry to London with the Christmas tree they designed for London hotel, Claridges. Previous designers include Lanvin’s Alber Ebaz and John Galliano. Check out the tree here. Time needed 3 minutes.

4. Put on your Black Friday game face: Sometimes GIFs really are the best illustrations of life. Take a peek at Popsugar’s GIF run through of the roller coaster ride that is Black Friday–it will help you steel your emotions and prepare you for what’s to come. Be brave, StyleBlazers. And good luck. Check out the run through here. Time needed: 5 minutes. 

5. Lose yourself in holiday window glory: Holiday windows are finally up and sparkling throughout New York City. Whether you’re a New Yorker who doesn’t feel like braving the frigid air or someone who hails from outside the Big Apple, you can definitely appreciate the imaginative minds behind these efforts at Bloomingdales, Tiffany & Co. Barney’s New York, and more. Browse the best of the bunch here. Time needed: 8 minutes. 

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