John Galliano Wins Labor Court Request

Your Morning Tea: What’s Brewing In Fashion

john galliano paris 220611Photo: News Pictures/WENN


John Galliano may be remorseful for his anti-Semitic words that got him kicked from Dior, but he’s not too ashamed to ask for $9.7 million in compensation from the label. The designer won his appeal to take both Dior and his eponymous label to labor court. He claims that his sudden expulsion from both companies violated breach of contract. This should be one drama-filled fight. [READ More]

You know you’re a bad-a$$ designer when you have a college degree in your name. Elie Saab, the Lebanese designer known for his beautiful formal gowns, partnered with Lebanese American University and the London College of Fashion to offer a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design in collaboration with Elie Saab. As a way to offer international standard designing to students in the Middle Eastern country, the curriculum is said to be “both relevant to Arab culture and international in scope”. [READ More]

And as expected, American shoppers ditched their Thanksgiving meals early to run in stampedes to stores nation-wide. This year, several stores opened up on the night of the holiday, which was apparently a good idea as lines and traffic ran smoother… If you don’t count the injuries and brawls for doorbusters deals. [READ More]