Jay Z Meets With Barneys To Create New Guidelines

Jay Z Meets With Barneys To Create New Guidelines


Luxury retailer Barneys is still dealing with the negative press and public upheaval caused by the racial profiling allegations. The retailer, along with rapper Jay Z– who was caught in the mix due to his holiday collection collaboration with the store– have since tried to appease the public in their own way.

Staying true to his word, WWD reported, the rapper and the retailer sat down together during which he gave his input on an internal advisory council that will be formed around the issue of racial profiling. A source told WWD, “there’s cooperation there. The council is a work in progress. It’s an internal advisory council that Jay Z is going to be a part of.”

The rapper turn business man is also said to be involved in “creating new guidelines for the way the retailer interacts with the New York Police Department.” According to an internal memo obtained by WWD, Barneys will now employ the use of audio and video surveillance to monitor its security room as well as keep a record log of officers who use the closed-circuit TVs in its security room.

As for their continued work with the NYPD, they stated, “we recognize the need to cooperate with the NYPD as they address criminal activity in our city and within our locations. However, those needs must be balanced with ensuring that the rights of individuals are respected at all times.” The department store will now require officers to provide reason and description of individuals they wish to place under surveillance.



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