Stay Fly On a Dime: 5 Thrift and Vintage Shopping Tips You Need to Know!

Thrift and vintage shopping is one of the best ways to snag one of a kind pieces. Instead of rocking the same threads as everyone else who shops at mass retailers, secondhand shopping is guaranteed to give you some standout garments and you’re not going to break the bank. But exactly how do you find these diamonds in the rough if you’re not sure where to start? Of course we’ve got you StyleBlazers covered with the 5 tips to thrift and vintage shopping.



Check national chains like Goodwill and Salvation Army to find locations in your area. Major cities tend to have a vast supply of secondhand stores, but don’t overlook smaller towns. The selection won’t be as picked over and the prices are usually cheaper. To find a thrift store in your area, check out The Thrift Shopper, a national directory that lets you enter your zip code to find a shop in your area.

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