Queen Bey Reigns Supreme As Most-Searched Celeb On The Web

Queen Bey Reigns Supreme As Most-Searched Celeb On The Web, Sorry Kim K

Beyonce Brazil 2013 p4Photo: Tumblr

Bow down to Queen Bey–oh wait, everyone already is. At least, according to the latest research from Bing. The search engine’s rankings of the most-searched celebrities of 2013 (in the United States) showed Beyoncé in the number 1 spot, followed by Mrs. Yeezus herself: Kim Kardashian.

Whether it was paparazzi shots of Blue Ivy, her earth-shattering pixie cut, or just her gift for being generally amazing at all times that caused fans to type her names into keyboards over and over again, we may never know. Nor do we know the distance between the number of searches that separated Bey and Kim K–come one Bing, hand us a bone, will you?

In any case, it’s safe to say that search-engine wise, 2013 belonged to the ladies. Only two men made the list: Justin Beiber and President Barack Obama–neither one in the top 5. Other names on the list include Miley Cyrus (who was randomly the top searched person in Australia), Amanda Bynes (hope you’re getting better girl), Madonna (seriously? still?), and Riri (duh).

For the full list and rankings, see here.

  • iyekamara

    You go queen bey I sarch for you every day you are talented beautiful classy may your star continue to rise for ever long live queen bey


    duh. only folks looking for kim K are heaux who look up to her and uneducated athletes and rappers.. o and desperate media cause if they had any real news I think ray J toilet would be the last thing they would want to report on. Beyonce is a REAL CELEB. KIM K RESEARCHED< STALK< AND CONQUERS CELEB MEN= PROFESSIONAL GROUPIE… or maybe these guys are looking for her..

    -TJ Jackson 1994- 1998

    -Damon Thomas 2000- 2004

    -Ray J March 2006 – February 2007

    -Reggie Bush May 2007 – March 2010

    -Bow Wow

    -Nick Cannon

    -Cristiano Ronaldo April 2010

    -Shengo Deane April 2010

    -Miles Austin June 2010

    -Gabriel Aubry (only man smart enough to use Kim asz) November 2010

    -Kris Humphries November 2010 – April 2013

    -Kanye West March 2012

  • feokc

    somebody tweet this article to kanye west… please

  • Gotcha

    It’s amazing that Beyonce’s name has come to be in the same arena as Kim Kardasian. Speaks volumes – get it together Beyonce!

  • Andrea Walker

    She was the most searched b/c everybody kept tryna figure out when that album was coming out lol no shade, just a joke.