4 Predictions For 'Iconic' Rihanna 2014 Hair Looks

4 Predictions For ‘Iconic’ 2014 Hairstyles Rihanna Might Rock

2013 American Music AwardsPhoto: Apega/WENN

So unless you’ve managed to escape all social media outlets, the TV, entertainment news, and just regular chit chat, then you know that Rihanna hit the American Music Awards to accept the first ever ICON award wearing a doobie—the hairstyle we all wear coming out of the Dominican salon to keep our blowouts fresh. Yeah, that. Now while the style got tons of mixed reviews with many wondering why the star would accept such a prestigious award with her hair unkempt; while others lauded the rockstar for seemingly making a statement about ethnic women from the “ghetto.” But apparently the singer who’s known for her ever-changing hairstyles as well as her chart-topping hits has more “iconic sh*t” coming out next year according to an interview with ELLE.com given by her long-time stylist Ursula Stephen. Until then, we have a few of our own predictions on what that “iconic sh*t” might be.

Check out our 4 Rihanna 2014 hair predictions. 



1. Scrunched Finger Waves

296e2d19d93b1d5842b3bd71f77b00b4Photo: Pinterest

Remember this style? In the 90s people would go ALL OUT with their finger waves adding in a technique called “the scrunch” which was similar to a hardened jheri curl if you will. But if you were the baddest, you souped up your scrunched finger waves with color and glitter. (Check out this hilarious moment from “Martin” where Laquita requested something similar at Shenehneh’s hair salon.)

  • pia

    I think she would be dope af with the baldy!! doubt she’d do it though…as far as the other predictions…No

  • Uppity Negro

    I would love to see her rocking natural weaves (her hair length ain’t there to project the type of styles I would like to see her in)

  • Athena

    Puh-lease rihanna would never rock an afro!!