10 Hood Trends Rihanna & Her Doobie Wrap Can Make Hot

From Couch To Couture: 10 Hood Trends Rihanna Can Make Hot

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Rihanna has done the impossible. The singer officially made “doobie wraps” a trending topic after she wore the style to accept her American Music Awards ‘Icon’ honor over a week ago.

What was once a way to protect your hair from losing it’s bounce and sheen from the Dominican salon, has become America’s fascination. It’s the new twerking. Even mainstream publications are trying to dissect the style for possible reconstruction.

All the while, we cringe at the thought of something so un-coiffed and everyday, being a red carpet trend. Our minds ran with this idea. And we though “If RiRi can actually manage to make this hot, what else could she make hot?”

Take a look below and on the next pages of 10 Hood Trends Rihanna Can Make Hot:


Chinese slippers

Chinese Slippers

These popular shoes multifunction as house slippers and fly swatters. We’d love to see the Bajan pop princess take these from the corner store to the red carpet.

Quick weave

Quick Weave

Rihanna is probably the most fearless celebrity when it comes to hairstyles. She’s done almost everything, so reinventing the colorful quick-weave (preferably in a peacock style) would be easier than getting Andre at the liquor store.


Snuffaluffagus Eyelashes

We know you’ve seen those over-the-top eye duster that double as eyelashes. The look, only comparable to Seaseme Street’s Snuffaluffagus, is suppose to give the baby doll look– on acid. If Rihanna is able to transition this out of the hood, we’d actually be surprised. But we know Party City would be happy.


Pink Hair Rollers

We need RiRi to rock the squishy kind. Why? Because then celebrities would be able to eat Bonbons at public events.

Velvet bodysuit

Velvet Bodysuits

For those regular club visits, Rihanna has the right body to rock this incredibly tacky hood trend.

Silk cap

Silk Caps

No longer would women have to let their hair go all unmoisturized and willy-nilly. Keep those caps ladies, RiRi’s bout’ to make a way!

ashy ankles

Ashy Ankles

It may be mission impossible but with the right lotion fast, Rihanna may actually be able to make ashy-ness hot.

wenn2694131 wenn pf Photo: WENN

Ripped Tights

Would it not be awesome if ripped tights were a thing? We’d save a ton of money on buying new ones.

grandma panties

Grandma Panty Lines

While a lot of women prefer thongs, sometimes a good pair of big draws’ is just more comfortable. Rihanna could start by wearing them under dresses, subtly and then transition to leggings.

SWV Fingernails

Nail art is king these days, but how amazing would it be to take the trend to the next level and have curved acrylics?

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