12 Hostess Gifts To Give This Season

12 Easy Gift Ideas To Delight Your Holiday Hostess Friends

hostess gifts

As you waltz in and out of holiday soirees this season, it’s important to remember the hard work put in by your party’s generous hostess. Whether it’s conquering a mountain of baking, turning into a master mixologist overnight, or just ordering a ton of food (some people just can’t handle themselves in the kitchen), chances are she’s spent a lot of time–and money–preparing to give you a good time.

What better way to give back to give back to your hostess friends than handing over a little gift as you cross through their front door into what is hopefully a fabulously decorated winter wonderland–or at least somewhere that has enough snacks and wine. In general most people who host parties tend to enjoy doing so and don’t need any extra encouragement–but it’s these same people who sometimes get taken for granted.

Show some love and spread some cheer this holiday season and take a cue from our gift guide full of six great ideas (and 12 great examples) of the best type of gift your hostess friends this season. It’s no surprise that a lot of these hostess ideas are food and drink related. (Wait–are there more reasons to go to a party?) Click through to let the holiday gifting fun begin!