Oh, Ok: Kristen Stewart Named New Face Of Chanel

  • akwgreenzbk

    I used to really dig this girl….all the way back from Panic room with Jody Foster when no1 knew who the heck she was. And then when she got signed onto Twilight I was even more hyped up about her. Oh and can’t forget that movie the runaways. She killed it as Joan Jett! But I’ve lost all respect for her after that whole scandal with the director from snow white. (another great flick). Like I know it takes two. But come on he had a family chick. Little babies running around and you were with Rob who was head over heels in love with your trifling self! smh no bueno.

  • minkpink

    She’s ugly.

  • Jolene

    Ugh, who would feature this boring-looking heaux? Everyone know she is nothing to write home about.

  • TT

    but why she’s ugly and looks dead

  • smackyobitchass

    This is actually funny…. I can just imagine the same facial expression in each ad..lol

  • Po3

    Why in the world would anyone make “Pants” the face of anything???

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