Crown Me: The 25 Most Outrageous Beyoncé Album Twitter Reactions


The Queen has spoken.

“I see music,” Beyoncé Knowles says to her horde of Facebook followers as she hits them with the wham-wow in the form of a new album. No marketing. No promotion. The royal monarch of music has created a holiday frenzy in a matter of moments, waiting till after “Scandal” ended to bless them with the surprise self-titled effort.

With no warning, the biggest female music artist in the world managed to destroy timelines, break faces, and deeply crack the Internet. Beyoncé contains fifteen songs that have matching videos shot in locations such as Rio De Janeiro to Paris to her hometown of Houston, Texas. Helping her to express her message of self-love, confidence, and badassery are her hubby Jay Z (“Drunk In Love”), Frank Ocean (“Super Power”), Drake (“Mine”), and her daughter Blue Ivy (who is sampled on the track, “Blue”).

As the praises rain down from Twitter timelines around the globe, we’ve compiled the 25 Most Outrageous Reactions to Beysus’ stunning and immersive experience.

We jump start this list with a Twitizen who didn’t know just how much girls love Beyoncé…

Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 10.47.44 AM

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  • Reese

    I hope people buy it. Beyoncé has fans but they don’t buy her stuff like they used too.

    • londaj

      she sold 80,000 copies in 3 hours after it’s release…….God only knows what those numbers look like now

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    well if Blu Ivy wasn’t a clue this album definitely is…bey be focking! lol