Tom Hiddleston The New Sex Symbol?

At Some Point The Villain In ‘Thor’ Became A Sex Symbol

"Thor: The Dark World" - Los Angeles PremierePhoto: FayesVision/WENN


Maybe I’ve been in the dark, like blinded. Because apparently the guy who plays Loki, the evil brother of Thor, is a sex symbol. And here we were looking at Chris Hemsworth the whole time.

Out of the outraged cause by Maroon 5 front man, Adam Levine being deemed People magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive,” MTV had people vote in and give their two-cents on who really deserved the title. By a resounding majority –like a cool 77 percent– voted for Tom Hiddleston’s No. 1 spot on the list. That means, Levine, Hemsworth, Justin Timberlake, Pharrell Williams and every single member of One Direction is less hot than Hiddleston.

Take a gander, a real close gander.


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Premiere of Marvel's 'Thor: The Dark World'Photo: Brian To/WENN


This is the new face of hottness.

The Brit, who is being called one of the most charming villains to ever hit the Marvel world, has a cult-like following of women into the whole dark-haired intergalactic bad boy thing.


You think he’s finer than Adam Levine?

  • Marian K. Welty

    YES! He is WAY hotter! It isn’t just his looks (which are to die for) It is the man himself. His spirit, his kindness, his generosity, his smile, his willingness to try things, the fact he’s a good sport. YES He is the best thing to happen to entertainment in decades. He deserves every honor we can give him! So many people should make him a role model.

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    YUP SURE DO!!!

  • Starcru

    LOVE TOM. He’s defiantly a breathe of fresh air.

  • original*ijs

    idk when it happened either but he’s damn fine lol

  • S Jo

    I love Loki! He’s so gorgeous! Can’t wait to see him takeover in the next Thor! Lol

  • ✖ Éva ✖

    Oh yes, most definitely Tom Hiddleston. Gorgeous, intelligent, talented, charming and incredibly kind. And let’s not even get started on his passion, dance skills, sense of humour and honest enthusiasm.

  • Belinda

    Hell no. I guess you have to see him on the big screen because he’s funny looking to me.

  • smittyt

    You call that a s*x symbol he look like a cartoon character.

  • Dani

    Yes, yes he is. I wish I had known about this sooner, because I would have voted for him too.

  • COCO

    I have to admit that I thought he was a hit as well. I like Hemsworth, Elba, and a few others but this dude is on the come up. He is tall and extremely charismatic. Thor would not be the same without him and I would love to see him in the new Avengers AGAIN. YUP top 5.

  • Holy crap, yes! Much finer. No comparison at all. He’s both gorgeous and a lovely human being as well. You don’t get that often.

  • Jiang vany

    Well the man deserves that, we hardly find other celebrities can be so nice, gentle, polite as him, a true gentlement, brit men are so charming

  • Katie Moon

    Yes! Yes! And again YES! Mr. Hiddleston is the sexiest man alive and not just because he’s handsome as god but he’s smart, well-educated, funny, wise and unbelievably kind gentleman. You just can’t resist his charisma, he’s too fascinating

  • Samantha Nichols

    definitely! he’s intelligent, classy, charitable, has a wonderful sense of humour, all wrapped in one VERY easy on the eyes package!!!

  • Duda

    Hell yeah, Tom is so damn handsome…

  • Rebel4rebellion

    100% YES!!! But it is not just his gorgeous appearance that make him so wonderful, I think we also need to acknowledge the fact that he is the kindest, funniest, humblest, and all around best guy.

  • OpheliaLovesHiddles

    Tom Hiddleston is an amazing person. He is very kind and so down to earth. He treats his fans, all of them, with love and respect. He brightens my day with his smile. He does charity work with UNICEF and Operation Smile. He looks amazing in anything he wears. He is outstandingly talented, exceptionally knowledgeable in Shakespeare, and multilingual. And have you seen him DANCE?! You owe it to yourself to watch him bust a move! This man has single handedly restored my faith in humanity, he really is the greatest man alive. We love you Tom!

  • Cynthia

    The reason of why we consider Tom sexier than anybody like Hemsworth or even Levine is because Tommy with the popularity he won with the role of Loki he is still been the same cute, funny, gentle and charismatic guy. He has a pure and unique soul. An incredible human being. This are the reasons why Tom is better than the rest of the list

  • Sophie

    Yes, Tom is the sexiest man alive. I mean, just look at those cheekbones! Not only is he gorgeous looking, but he’s a charming, polite, generous human being who truly appreciate his fans. He also happens to be an amazing actor. If you haven’t seen him Iv The Hollow Crown, go get it and watch it.

  • Sus

    Who the f*** is Adam Levine? It’s Hiddleston all the way.

  • Emerald Radiance

    He’s more than anything any man on that list can be!

  • frank

    fan bots!!