Copy Cat: Jennifer Lopez vs. Kim Kardashian


While recently perusing our holiday gift guides we stumbled upon something very interesting: Kim Kardashian is SERIOUSLY channeling Jennifer Lopez. Between the bronze skin, the gold locks and a propensity for white and metallics, the resemblance is not only uncanny, it’s undeniable! In the mid 2000’s when Kim first burst on the scene she admitted to being a huge fan of Jennifer’s so it makes sense that perhaps she would look to her for style cues. We did a little homework on the matter and discovered Kim copied Jennifer quite often (along with many others it seems) and have chronicled the looks below. Take a look back at Jennifer’s looks and what soon followed from Kim and you be the judge! Is Kimmy K. a copy cat?




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  1. says:

    KMSL!! of course she copied Jennifer!!!

  2. says:

    Jennifer has a wayyy better (natural) body and authentic style… KK is no match for her

  3. says:

    Kim K looks gorgeous.

  4. says:

    KK look georgeous!!

  5. says:

    JLO not so great in photo 5

  6. says:

    Old JoLO in #9 thinking she young

  7. says:

    #10 KK looking fantastic!!

  8. says:

    Kim K all the way (even if she did copy JLO — she showing her how you supposed to look. And I am not a KK fan, not to much JLO either

  9. says:

    I’m sorry J.Lo all the way, no comparison really.

  10. says:

    Just remember J-Lo in the late 90s. Just remember J-Lo’s booty in those tight jeans as she was walking away from the camera in the Love Don’t Cost A Thing video. Remember J-Lo at the Grammy’s in that green dress with the PLUNGING neckline. No comparison. If anything, Kim’s a definite copycat.

  11. says:

    J.Lo all day!!!! She can rock anything and look absolutely classy!!! Kim looks “stuffed” in a lot of the clothes she wears.

  12. says:

    Ummm All of these were completely different looks only similarities in most of them were the color

  13. says:

    Celebrities copy each other all the time. Why is Kim the only one being trashed on for it.

  14. says:

    Is it just me, or is Kim looking more and more like the Octomom in the face?

  15. says:

    Kim is a voluptuous woman. Kim is married to Mr. K. West. Ummm, what is her talent? Where as, Jennifer is shapely on the thin side, dances, sings and performs on stage like a rocket taking off. Two extremely different body types neither woman will ever look the same in any outfit.

  16. says:

    Both beautiful women yet quite different. I admire their styles, although I liked Kim K’s previous sense of style much better than today’s. I prefer Jennifer’s body because it is more natural and realistic. Kim K’s face seems to look more different each day and I am not enjoying it. Good luck to both.

  17. says:

    Lopez 1000000, cousin IT, 0.

  18. says:

    kim kardashian makes j.lo look like ELLEN DEGENERES. f#ck that dirty latina b+tch. but she was popular…. in 1999 hahaha. one of kim’s fingernails is worth more than the car you haters drive. jealous mother f#cking b+tches. hate what you cant have. millions and millions. not forgetting her perfect body. aww im so sorry for you poor fat b+tches. keep hating thats all i can say

  19. says:

    Both ladies look great.

  20. says:

    Curves all the way, but Kim Kardashian’s plastic surgery has left her looking like a beached whale.

  21. says:

    Wow, I can’t stand them both. Both are talentless, fame-hungry bimbos.

  22. says:

    LOL! Love grumpy old people hating on famous old people. None of my friends care about any kardashians or jlow’s. They have that poofy face from getting injections it’s gross.

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