The (Style) Streets Are Talking: Alicia Keys Makes Swizz Beatz ‘Happy’


It’s hard to believe that a couple that came together in such a controversial way, three years ago, seem to have it all together now. Swizz Beatz Instagrammed a video and photo with his wife, Alicia Keys who’s now rocking a shorter haircut.

He Instagrams a video of Keys walking in an all-white look with, “Happy Spy Cam behind the scenes.. I know I’m a Stan.” He also put up a picture of the pair at presumably the same venue with the caption, “Love Attack!!! #thebite”



Three years deep into marriage, it looks like the couple are staying strong and still very much in love.


Be honest, did you think these two would last this long?

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  • Diane

    I think he knows that she’s wayyyyyyy out of his league. Lol.