Beyonce Skates in Fashion for Blow Video

12 Days Of Beyoncé: “Blow” Video Fashion

Blow video2Photo: Sony/Columbia Records

Lasers, roller-skates, spandex, neon– we were taken back to the 80s for Beyoncé’s “Blow” video off her fifth studio album.


Blow video4Photo: Sony/Columbia Records

As the most fun video from her roll-out, this one takes viewers to the roller-skating rink where Mrs. Carter is wearing a mix of high and low fashion. We’re seeing some well executed pieces being worn with ease, a far cry from her House of Deréon days. From jump Beyoncé walks into the club wearing a personalized YONCE necklace by BASILE&PAPE Bespoke, bralette, DKNY leggings and fall 13 Versace leopard/zebra print coat. She’s ready.

She then progresses into a series of themed looks, all properly reflecting the neon lights.


Blow videoPhoto: Sony/Columbia Records
Blow video3Photo: Sony/Columbia Records

Beyoncé holds her skates by the lockers in a Misguided two-piece set (similar found here), dances in the dark in a laser cut bikini and socks. It’s by far one of the wildest videos, but in a bubblegum-pop way, we love it. Also for a similar personalized necklace if you can’t drop $1300, check out BaubleBar’s Ava Freestyle Necklace.

See a clip, below:


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  • smackyobitchass


    • Oooook

      his woman is utterly BORING…. She’S always so corny and dead in the eyes. I’m glad she’s making strides… But c’mon! She’s is lame, boring, and dry…. beYAWNce is really good at having fans…. But she’s not good at dancing she’s only TECHNICALLY good at singing
      …. And she’s the most UNENTERTAINING entertainer this generation has possessed…. She is just dry dust…. Good for her thT she’s still relevant. But she will never not be boring. I dont care how many fans she has…. Fox news has fans too… wtf does that mean?nothing. Great job at spending money boring lady!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go watch blue play In the kitchen. Stop being boring

      • smackyobitchass


      • Jacq

        that was the stupidest comment ever. Beyonce puts her all into all of her performances and she gives her all in every product that she drops. which other artist do you know will drop an album, a video for every song, while on a world tour and being a mother. And she never fails to satisfy during any performance. she’s an artist that i would pay to watch live. Can’t say that about any other current artist except maybe JT.

      • stopthe_hate

        if she’s soooo boring, please, OH PLEASE tell us who is really on top right now? What female pop or r&b artist is giving the level of performances Beyonce is giving??