Beyonce's Drunk in Love Video Fashion

12 Days Of Beyoncé: “Drunk In Love” Video Fashion

Drunk in Love video4Photo: Sony/Columbia Records


The lovefest that is Beyoncé and Jay Z moved to the beach for her “Drunk in Love” video.



Drunk in Love video2Photo: Sony/Columbia Records

In this smoky video, the couple frolic on a beach presumably at night in all neutral colors. Shot in black and white by Hype Williams the singer sports one look. This is the first time we’ve seen Goth sexified; mixing an Eres Paris black bikini (similar found here) with Wendy Nicole’s SS14 “Aquarius Dress”.


Drunk in Love videoPhoto: Sony/Columbia Records
Drunk in Love3Photo: Sony/Columbia Records

Bey hugged up with her husband for half the shots, which gives little camera space for full ensembles. But we do peep Beyonce’s Jennifer Fisher bracelets, Jay’s custom-made snakeskin snapback (found here and here) and his Rafaello & Co. gold chains.

See the two get it on, below:


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  • pgh15208

    He makes ugly f*ck faces! I wish these people will go away!

  • NYC Gal

    The video looks so cheap! I think the drink he’s drinking cost more than this video!

  • MS.S

    Sorry, but I must say that beyounce seems like she is doing some type of witchery dance to send out some type of spell over her fans/followers of some type. Check the pic where she is looking directly into the camera it is a form on mind control and when people will listen to her music their souls will be taken over by the seductress of a hidden agenda. Also, know that beyounce and jayz are billionaires and can buy their own ratings and numbers for their own hits. Prayers are so needed for beyounce because by the look in the pics her soul has yet been take over like it has been sacrificed once again. Remember the Burning Car the fire beyounce starred in with Jayz, next beyounce stated that Sasha Fierce was created/born how crazy right. It is what it is people don’t daze into her eyes you will become overtaken by her seductress demons.Remember it is an opinion and it is what it is. Blessing and Prayers to all. No I am not hating on beyounce but she can do a whole lot better than this performance if only she put her trust in GOD.

  • MacingFacing

    How this ***** go from HALO to HO-HO. You guys see that on her face. That is called desperation leaking out.