12 Days Of Beyoncé: "No Angel" Video Fashion

12 Days Of Beyoncé: “No Angel” Video Fashion


Though we’ve been experiencing an unseasonable warm winter in the northeast, we know all good things must come to an end. So we are looking to Beyoncé’s ‘No Angel’ video for a bit of inspiration when the temperature starts to drop. In the video the diva was decked out in all white, rocking a white fur coat and a white corset over a white swimsuit– all from Manfredonia’s s/s 2014 collection. Although we are opting to skip the corset/swimsuit combo– frostbite is never our idea of a good time– we love the idea of a plush winter coat; so we found 3 options to cozy up to.

Look below to watch Queen Bey  work her white fur coat, then steal the style!


8378518_fpxHooded Rex Rabbit Coat