Up & Comers: Grace Bol Heats Up The Runway

Up & Comers: Grace Bol Heats Up The Runway

grace bolPhoto: Facebook

We’re starting the year off right with a new crop of models, designers and other fashion industry fixtures that you should know about. Although the world of fashion & style can sometimes feel like its a revolving door of the same names and faces, you can always count on Up & Comer’s to throw the undiscovered and “on the verge” into the limelight.

This week, we’re introducing you to Sudanese-American model, Grace Bol. Get Acquainted.

grace bol fb
Photo: Facebook

Grace was born in Sudan but moved to Kansas City, Missouri when she was young. Her mother abandoned her at the age of 3, but considered herself to have a normal childhood growing up and cited herself as a tomboy. However, her teachers at school always mentioned to her that she should be a model.

  • Sudan Princess

    Miss Thing is beat 4 da Gawwwds up above !!!!

  • My opinion your opinion

    Europeans favor very ethnic black models. Their graceful and can strut across the runway. There are others more appealing than her.

  • Bahamamama

    she is beautiful…wow

  • DC’sF!nest


  • iLeader

    She’s ok not all that not my type of darskinned chick…Puffy’s wifee is an example of a bad darkskinned chick


      How colonized of you! I’d think you would appreciate the beauty of a woman – and not necessarily classify a “type” of dark-skinned chick. But that would require a thoughtful and independent mind that was not totally reliant on a white standard of beauty.

    • Run

      But I appreciate her beauty…her features are great for modeling.

    • Lucylu

      I think they are in two different categories…Kim is beautiful so is this model. The fashion world prefers exaggerated looks. She will command attention on the runway, she looks like art.

  • danx3

    Love her skin color! Looks so dark n silky

  • GRДC̤̈Є

    She is beautiful!

  • Laila

    She’s unbelievably gorgeous!

  • Nanaya Biness


  • ShelbyMoore

    She’s beautiful. But, why does American have to be added to everything except, white Americans?

  • Nuque

    Absolutely beautiful!!! Geogeus!! Flawless!! Regal!!

  • shannon

    STUNNING!!! Your skin is off the chain! tall and lean…american Black women are fat and weaved up…..you can learn from our African sisters! THIS WHAT THE ORIGINAL EVE LOOKED LIKE…

  • Africa

    Thank you, more please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!