#2013WrapUp: The Most Successful Twerks of 2013

iggy twerkPhoto: Tumblr

If you took a random poll of 100 people to choose the word that defined pop-culture in 2013, the majority would undoubtedly say “twerk.”

Twerk had an ubiquitous, hyperactive and ominous presence this year, and whether you like it or not, the credit all belongs to Miley Cyrus. From the moment she chopped off her hair and decided to hit a 90 degree angle and twerk all over Robin Thicke’s loins with her tongue out at the VMA’s, we knew that was just the quiet before the storm. Since “Twerkgate,” as it is now known, everyone from grandmothers to little children can be found twerking like it’s their birthright.

We’d like to add that those who are twerk conosseiurs know that twerking was truly made popular by the YouTube sensation, Twerk Team, who have long been twerking for a living way before Miley even dropped the Hannah Montana gig, but we digress.

From setting world records to twerking at fashion shows, there have only been a few who have truly mastered the inherent action of twerking. Keep clicking and check out the most successful twerks of 2013!

Granny Twerking In Panera Bread

Video: YouTube

Myrtle The Dancing Granny loves proves that old women can twerk just as viciously as the next person. Granted, we’re sure its someone much younger dressed as a granny but regardless, this video of her twerking in Panera Bread was one of the earlier twerk wins of the year.


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  • Self-Hating Negro Slayer

    I’m embarrassed.

  • marie

    lol it’s Doutzen kroes

  • Bubbah

    Twerking was begun by Blacks!!!! Like most other popular dances in the Black community, once whites learn to do them, they claim them as THEIR OWN or American. Miley had Blacks teach her how to twerk, then made it a part of her stage act. The same procedure is taken with all forms of Black entertainment.


    Ahahahahaha…….the Lord must be thinking what have I created?!