The Biggest Twerk Fails of 2013

#2013WrapUp: The Biggest Twerk Fails of 2013

Celebrity twerking has taken itself to a whole other orbit of stardom, and most of us are loving the dancing sensation! Until we don’t! That’s right, celebs don’t always get it right when it comes to their twerk-tastic ways. Check out  the 15 celebrity twerk fails that had us all cringing in 2013.

Miley Cyrus Twerks At The VMAs

MileyRobinPhoto: WENN

Miley Cyrus decided to bend it over on another famous woman’s husband! Go Miley, really classy.

Paula Patton Fires Back With A Twerk All Her Own!

Paula didn’t waste time clapping back with some twerking of her own. But really Paula, Al Roker? Skip to 5:20.

Bethenny Frankel Twerks On “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon”

Apparently this is what you will look like if you receive twerking lessons from Nick Cannon! Any questions? Skip to 2:00.

Ashley Tisdale Heats Up Sway In The Morning, Not!

Ashley Tisdale did give Miley the twerking throne, but admitted she can shimmy a little something too. Unfortunately, it didn’t fair too well on the viewers’ side. Try again Ash.

Vanessa Hudgens Manages to Weird Out Jay Leno!

We aren’t sure if Jay Leno was creeped out or feeling Vanessa’s awkward gesturing, but it’s pretty questionable.

Kendra Wilkinson Twerks On a Morning Show?

Kendra Wilkinson is the only woman we know that can try to twerk on a morning show, more power to you Kendra. Really?

Leona Lewis Isn’t Serious, Right?

Leona, we aren’t sure if you’re joking or really trying to twerk, so we will give you a StyleBlazer pass on default. Please, never again!

Lil’ Kim May Need To Hand Over The Twerking Throne!

Lil Kim may be the queen of a lot of things, but one of them is no longer twerking. It’s just something about a 40-something-year-old twerking that just does nothing for us.

Jimmy Kimmel Hosts A Twerking Video Hoax, Really Dude?

Jimmy Kimmel has taken his level of witty comedy to another level. Most recently he did a prank twerk video on his show of a girl twerking upside down and catching on fire. Really hilarious Jimmy, honestly.

Coco Twerks For An All Female Cast!

Coco bends it over for the girls of “The Real” talk show and also manages to get groped and look like she was having convulsions all in the same clip! Way to go Coco!

Ashanti Gives Minimal Twerkage

Ashanti was probably kidding when she released this video (we’ve seen her do steamier stuff for her rapper ex Nelly) but could we have at least gotten a little hip action! Lighten up.

Miley Cyrus Twerks In A Bunny Suit

A unicorn suit? Really Miley?

Teyana Taylor Does Some Choreography?

We aren’t sure if Teyana is giving us freestyle twerking or some Ciara-inspired choreography but we aren’t feeling it one bit!

The Most Ratchet Twerker of 2013, Miley Cyrus?

And the award for “Most Ratchet Twerker to Bend It Over At A Juicy J Concert” is, (drumroll, please) that’s right Miley Cyrus. Check her out front and center. Way to be a lady Miley!

Paula Patton Twerks For Arsenio

Paula Patton might actually be in competition with Miley Cyrus, as she twerks a little something for Arsenio Hall, too. Less twerking, more acting, please Paula.

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