10 Last-Minute Ways To Upgrade Your Life Before 2014

#2013WrapUp: 10 Last-Minute Ways To Upgrade Your Life Before 2014

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Coming up on the end of a year is always hard to face. You ask yourself questions like “Did I do everything I needed to do?” Or, “How could I have been better?” If your checklist is nagging you, we’re here to help with a new one.

We’ve put together a list of things that will give you the satisfaction of checking an item off your year-end list without the weight of actually having to do difficult tasks like run a marathon within the next three days. Whether you choose to do just one thing, or magically manage all 10 (hats off to you), hopefully, each of our ideas will make you feel better somehow. If not, there’s always candy. (Pro tip: Go for chocolate, and, whatever you do, steer clear of sugar-free gummi bears.)

But make no mistake–our list is by no means comprehensive. If you have bills to pay before December 31, please get that done. (How will you keep up with all the amazing content on StyleBlazer if your Internet gets cut off?) If you have a paper to finish, by all means–write it. But if you’re looking for a few last-minute ways to upgrade your life before 2014 hits–we got you.

Click through for StyleBlazer’s 10 last-minute ways to upgrade your life before 2014.

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