Ombre Hair Will Still Be Hot in 2014

Hold On To Your Ombré! Hair Trend Will Still Be Hot In 2014

ombre hairPhoto: AKM-GSI

We were sparked by a Q&A on Racked regarding the imminent future of ombré. Essentially, one reader was considering the trend for the new year but wasn’t sure if the coloring would still be hot. The dilemma.

Per the advice of in-house expert, Frank Gargione, the reader was told to avoid the “fad” like the plague. “It’s a fad, and once that happens and it’s in drug store aisles everywhere it’s reached suburban mom status,” he said. “If you’ve never once changed your hair color, something as dramatic as ombré might be a too much too soon situation. A lot of look. A lot of maintenance. And a lot of effort and expense to dye it back to dark brown after it’s dulled and grown out (circa week three).”

Sound a bit harsh? We thought so too.

While ombré has had a huge year –or two-— it seems too easy to write it off for 2014. So we consulted our experts who actually work with hair. “Ombré is not for everyone or every hair texture,” Adrian Wallace, colorist at Rita Hazan Salon New York told us. “It looks best when it’s on wavy or curly hair to get the full effect. [But] ombré is here to stay because it’s a great outlet to express yourself.”

Miami salon owner Danny Jelaca agreed, “Yes absolutely the ombré trend will continue in the new year.” Adding, “When a trend or fad starts, it always takes an evolution. And when fads come back, they come back modern and updated. The new ombré are faded piecey and with highlights to make it more natural– not as dramatic. For example, dark brown fading into medium brown instead of into blonde.”

Well there it is. Looks like ombré is still on for 2014.

Let’s see some of its bolder moments this year, on the next pages.