Kim Kardashian Skin Care Costs $21 Grand

Chick Better Glow: Kim Kardashian Spends $21 Racks On Facials

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Life and Style Weekly magazine did some investigating and somehow found out how much Kim Kardashian pays for facials. The beauty’s noticeably glowing skin, post North West is courtesy of the Sonya Dakar Skin Clinic in Beverly Hills.

Apparently, the services have included a series of eight treatments that are a part of their Bridal Beauty Bootcamp, in addition to an acid peel, fitness facial, diamond peel, oxygen facial and light treatments. The estimated cost: roughly $21,600— not counting tips.

“The boot camp requires clients to come to a series of 90-minute treatments,” the source said about the visits.

Kardashian who is currently planning her third wedding to Kanye West, is no doubt trying to glow for the day. But dayum! As someone who has personally used Sonya Dakar products, I will admit that they work wonders but cost a pretty penny.

Kim Kardashian visits a nail salon in Beverly HillsPhoto:WENN

Aside from the price tag, it also seems a bit extreme for Kim to irritate the skin so much. Either way, she’s looking better than ever. See proof on the next pages.

Want her skin? Try Sonya Dakar’s at home kit here.

  • Bronze GAWD

    She doesn’t glow without make up it’s called bronzer

  • Guest

    Wow that’s sad. All the women in my fam use is Shea butter and drink water and have flawless skin. Oh well I guess black don’t crack.

  • Real Real talk

    Clown Face

  • v blackwell

    1st- I hope those treatments help her glow in the dark because she needs to ….with the amount of shade we can throw at her.
    2nd- she deserves to deal with some extreme skin irritation because she sure as hell gets under most of ours!
    3rd- I think she looked prettier when she looked like a real person as opposed to a plastic dummy.
    4th- It’s sad that she has to go to this length to glow. Most new mothers and/or new brides have a natural glow….obtained by love and joy. Sorry, Kim.