Rihanna Has Stans In High Places, Balmain SS14 Collection Inspired By Her

  • char

    Just think, she is gorgeous, and chris was too, what a couple they could have made. I know that a relationship is much more than looks, but it would have been beautiful to look at.

    • Lea

      Are you stupid?

  • FabRihRih

    Rihanna is beautiful and talented. She deserves every bit of success that she has ..love her

  • smooches xoxo

    She’s down to earth relatable definitely built for stardom. I imagine some day Chris will look back and regret how he treated her. Unfortunately many men are not secure enough to share the spotlight with their partner.

  • vrw

    What does she’s boyish man? That’s not a good thing when talking about women. IMHO

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