Rihanna Balmain Love Affair

Rihanna Has Stans In High Places, Balmain SS14 Collection Inspired By Her

rihanna balmain SS14


There’s a lot of bad chicks in the entertainment industry and then there are muses.

Rihanna has crossed the threshold from singer to stan-creator as Balmain designer, Olivier Rousteing recently admitted his intense love for her. In a SS14 behind-the-scenes video, the 20-something designer admits that the “Pour it Up” singer was not only the face he wanted for the ads, but the inspiration behind the entire collection.

“I’m really thrilled that we have Rihanna for this campaign,” he said. “A few months ago she came to the studio and from that, I wanted to create all [of] this collection around her. She’s this girl everybody knows.. she’s powerful.. she’s boyish, she’s strong, she’s the new icon.”

As Fashionista notes, Rousteing isn’t the first designer to become infatuated with RiRi. Tom Ford credits her going-to-the-lawyer-with-a-hangover look, as inspiration for his “rock star” fall 2013 collection.

Watch Rousteing and RiRi shoot the campaign on the next pages:

  • char

    Just think, she is gorgeous, and chris was too, what a couple they could have made. I know that a relationship is much more than looks, but it would have been beautiful to look at.

    • Lea

      Are you stupid?

  • FabRihRih

    Rihanna is beautiful and talented. She deserves every bit of success that she has ..love her

  • smooches xoxo

    She’s down to earth relatable definitely built for stardom. I imagine some day Chris will look back and regret how he treated her. Unfortunately many men are not secure enough to share the spotlight with their partner.

  • vrw

    What does she’s boyish man? That’s not a good thing when talking about women. IMHO