Naturally Gorgeous: 15 Celebrities Without Makeup!

Naturally Gorgeous: 15 Celebrities Without Makeup!

They say beauty is only skin deep, right? So why does it seem some of our favorite celebrities are so beat we can never catch a glimpse of their true flesh tone? While some of the most celebrated women in the world are pumped up with Botox, have on layers of concealer, and hidden behind mounds of extensions, the ordinary StyleBlazer is somewhere screaming, “they look nothing like us!” In honor of those who appreciate the beauty of a natural glow, here are 15 celebrities who look just as glam without all the fixings. You’ll be swapping out your foundation for tinted moisturizer in no time!

Jay-Z and Beyonce Knowles WENN

Photo: WENN

Beyoncé is usually beat to the glam gods with the best of them, but we assure you her natural hue is just as heavenly.


Photo: WENN

Rihanna’s intoxicating beauty is more than just faux lashes and super edgy hair cuts! The Bajan singer’s glow shines through and through when she is rocking her bare skin.

Adriana LimaLIMA WENN

Photo: WENN

Doesn’t Adriana Lima just make you green with her gorgeous features? Well, this multi-racial beauty doesn’t paint on all that beauty, she was actually born that way! Who knew?

Halle BerryBERRY WENN copy

Photo: WENN

Halle Berry just doesn’t age, does she? And she isn’t afraid to show off those naturally flawless features.


Photo: WENN

Leona Lewis’ glow can put the best illuminator to shame! Lewis has been pictured plenty of times flaunting just her God-given flesh, and we are thoroughly impressed!

Heidi KlumKLUM

Photo: WENN

Heidi Klum is another A-lister that just can’t be stopped and she’s apparently on a very strict skincare regimen. Can we say gorgeous?!

Jordin Sparks SPARKS WENN

Photo: WENN

Jordin Sparks is a star with or without all the lights, camera & action! Sparks photographs just as well when she is less dolled and “beat” down.

Jessica AlbaALBA WENN

Photo: WENN

Jessica Alba has really become a beacon for motherhood and it seems she has put away her makeup to show her daughter Honor that natural beauty is key! Alba has been pictured barefaced for the paparazzi countless times.

Angelina JolieJOLIE WENN

Photo: WENN

Angelina Jolie is, well, Angelina Jolie. Do we need to say that she has killed multiple photo shoots wearing nothing on her face but her great genes? Thought not.

Jennifer Lopez LOPEZ WENN


Jennifer Lopez is an icon in the entertainment business, so does it come as a surprise that there have been leaked pictures of Ms. Lopez without a single swipe of makeup. And might we say she wears it well!

Cameron DiazDIAZ WENN


Does Cameron Diaz hold the key to the Fountain of Youth? No matter the angle, we can’t catch a bad picture of the gal. Diaz can get glam or hit the streets with nothing but her mascara and still looks great!



Eva Longoria’s spicy Latina aura shines through all of the glitz and glam and when she sheds the glamour, she still sizzles front and center!


Photo: WENN

Miley Cyrus is far from a wreck underneath all of the frills. Cyrus sometimes takes to Instagram to show fans she can rock a nude face with the rest of them and isn’t even nervous to show a little blemish at times! #Totalconfidence


Photo: WENN

Megan Fox looks just as good without makeup as she does with it on. Now that’s what we call a true beauty!

Demi LovatoLOVADO


Demi Lovato has gone through a lot during the course of her entertaining career, but somehow she manages to smile through it all! And a smiling bare face is one thing she doesn’t mind showing, letting her stellar resilience radiate through.

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    Beyoncé and Rihanna are wearing make up. Duhm duhms

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    more than half of them are wearing makeup lol

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