Who Is Blac Chyna And Is She Kim Kardashian's Next Fashion Project?

Who Is Blac Chyna And Is She Kim Kardashian’s Next Fashion Project?

Blac Chyna Kim K selfiePhoto: Instagram

It’s time we acknowledge the elephant in the room. We’ve avoided it for months, but the time has finally come to give her shine.

For the most part, other than her sisters, her man and Jonathan Cheban– Kim Kardashian rolls solo. The reality star tends to keep a small crew of people– for accountability purposes or to keep all of the attention on herself. Either way, this simple fact made it even more strange when we saw her running around L.A. with Blac Chyna.


Kim Kardashian takes a break from North for a Lunch Date at Stanley'sPhoto: AKM-GSI

The half-Black half-Asian former stripper is engaged to rapper, Tyga, and they have a son together. Tyga is currently working on his fifth album with Kanye West. Two degrees of separation.

Either way, both ladies have been thick as thieves for months now, being photographed each exploitative step of the way. Their recent lovefest showed itself on Instagram when Kimmy showed their assets to the world. You know, to promote physical fitness.

But all this has us wondering what Kardashian’s intentions are for the friendship. It’s clear that Chyna has celebrity aspirations, but it’s also clear that she needs some serious coiffing. Maybe just maybe, with Kardashian’s new clean image she plans on helping Chyna?

See if Kimmy’s new style has influenced Blac Chyna on the next pages.

Kim Kardashian and Blac Chyna get their eyebrows touched upPhoto: AKM-GSI

Kim Kardashian hangs out with gal pals Brittny Gastineau and Blac ChynaPhoto: AKM-GSI

Kim Kardashian drops by Neiman Marcus with Blac ChynaPhoto: AKM-GSI

  • the guest

    Chyna holds her own and stays true to her self next to Kim.

  • aintgotnoworries

    chyna just needs her as$ fixed and quickly but other than that she looks young fresh happy & innocent compared to the k girls. now you know you worn out when a stripper looks more fresh & innocent than you! lol

    • Kiki

      Black don’t crack!! Lol 😉

    • xxdiscoxxheaven

      And she needs to rid herselg of thise facial piercings.

  • h3lls no

    No need for Chyna to be walking behind Kim. Get yo a$$ up in front gurl.

    • Bella

      I always wondered, “Why is she walking behind her in every photo?”
      Sidebar: she resembles Lauren London. Especially with her natural hair.

  • That Chi Life

    There both thirsty for fame and attention. Both of them need to lay off the booty injections. It doesn’t look normal. Yuck!

    • That Chi Life

      * They’re….I typed too fast

  • Kryssy

    Chyna is blasian? I know Tyga is…anyway Chyna looks nice

    • SM

      Someone above said that’s not true.

  • Wanda Simpson

    She needs to deflate that behind, looks really fake.

  • Aaliyah

    Umm Chyna is all Black. She is NOT half asian. She has said this plenty of times.

    • SM

      Thanks for the confirmation because that was about to be news to me…

  • dia zap

    WTF, why does kim always looks sad, serious, or depress. maan at least smile once in a while, I mean you wanted all this attention. she is F–king serious all the time. she reminds me of a grumpy old lady.

  • roughcutdiamond

    Chyna needs to watch out. White women don’t usually want to be friends with Black women. It is like when Microsoft or Google buy a startup software company, they are really trying to shut it down.

  • SuburbanPrincessDior

    Stop it Kim Kardashian is Gorgeous

  • Kiki

    I like how blac chyna is true to her style, she’s cute but her butt has to go lol and btw why is she always following Kim?

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