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10 Hottest Pictures Of The Bachelor’s First Latino Man

1386195749_133461_1986_ful_juan-pablo-galavis-560Photo: ABC


America’s first Latino man made his debut on “The Bachelor” last night, and caused quite a storm. A s*xy storm.

Juan Pablo Galavis is an ex-soccer player and current consultant that will be wooing 27 women on the 18th season of the ABC show. Galavis returns to the series after winning the hearts of America on Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock’s season– fortunately he did not win her heart.

The 32-year-old was born in the States, but boasts his Venezuelan upbringing and inescapable accent. He also has an adorable daughter named Camilla. Compound all this onto his desire for more children, affinity to singing in the car and love of puppies and he basically embodies the perfect guy.



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(All photos from Instagram)

  • next

    So what …he still look white…..when is there goin to be a African American bachelor………………….never…..

    • dingo_egret

      Exactly…just another white guy with an accent.

      You’ll have people who will care when the Bachelor is Black or another ethnicity.

  • Asky Askerson

    Gorgeous! But he doesn’t have that traditional Latino look. I’m not judging him for it, he’s fine and I don’t care if The Bachelor never has a person of color, I wouldn’t ever watch it. But, just pointing it out – he looks very Anglo. Still fine though hehe.


    He looks good!

  • Tracy Hopson

    The only reason this latino man is on The Bachelor is because he looks & can pass for a

    caucasian male,still not watching it,if this guy would have look like the usual latinos with color I might watch.

  • *eyes*

    He looks white.