Do Blondes Have Way More Fun?: The Hip Hop/R&B Celebrity Edition (feat. Monica, Nicki, Keri, Keyshia & More)

Do Blondes Have Way More Fun?: The Hip Hop/R&B Celebrity Edition (feat. Monica, Nicki Minaj, Keri, Keyshia & More)

They say that blondes have more fun, but that’s just an understatement. Many Hip Hop/R&B starlets have opted to change the hue of their mane to blonde to get in on the fun and, and flip up their steez to keep things dynamic and different.

Even though Blonde is not a totally traditional hair color for these mocha skinned stars, they prove any hair color can be a homerun if you have confidence and a skilled hairstylist. Blonde hair takes a lot of work to maintain, especially with pesky new growth seeping through in as early as a week. But with time, dedication and patience, blonde hair is worth it for these divas and they even rock the hell out of those roots. Having dyed blonde hair is nothing new, as it’s been done for ages, but these ladies work it so well we just had to put a slideshow together for you, even if their hair color changes like the seasons.
Enjoy the slideshow below:

Mary J. Blige: She’s changed her color over the years, but her go-to color, is of course, any variation of blonde.

  • Love the hairstyle I like it much. Thank you for sharing this to us.

  • kyss

    Keri did rock the blonde look the best followed by Keshia Cole.

  • simto

    ya'll need 2 leav lilkim alone!! she paved d way for alot of black females….she's an icon like it or not!! nicki copied her style….i see sum kim in gaga as well…

  • Shep Khem

    It's hard to deny a woman that's looking that good.