New Trend?! Celebs Wearing Food Charms as Necklaces (First Nicki Minaj's Chicken Wing and now, Mya rocking Pretzels)

New Trend?: Celebs Wearing “Food Charm” Necklaces (Nicki Minaj’s Chicken Wing and Mya rocking Pretzels)

So apparently food is the new “it” accessory of choice. Over the weekend, Mya celebrated her 32nd birthday in style at Mansion in Miami with a green and pink get-up and a noticeable pretzel dipped in pink around her neck to match. Much like the fried chicken Nicki Minaj rocked a few weeks ago, Mya got herself a pretzel of her own to wear designed by F.U.S.C.H.A.

The Onch Movement and F.U.S.C.H.A. design a lot of these pieces, and ff you’re interested in wearing food to make a statement, there’s pizza, ice cream, and even raw meat to choose from. Not too sure if this will be a trend or not, but we definitely hand it to Lady Gaga for the main source of inspiration for this new jewelry trend.

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  • cleojones

    no thank u.. food is for eating… not wearing thank u very much.. just my opinion.. just sayin

  • Precious


  • ummm…i like the make up…not really feeling the food necklace..

  • AnariaMoore

    I get u sayin food is 4 eating and be yourself ,but hey I like it.