Riccardo Tisci and Nike Collaborate for Spring 2014

Update: Nike Taps Riccardo Tisci Of Givenchy For New Collaboration (Shoes Revealed!)

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If there’s one thing you can say about the Italian-born Riccardo Tisci it’s that he’s a busy man. Though he doesn’t run his own label in addition to his duties at Givenchy–like Raf Simons at Dior and Marc Jacobs when he was still at Louis Vuitton–he does roll out his fair share of collections through the historied house of Givenchy. And for his next hat trick: a private project with Nike.

Having just snagged the CFDA International Award and co-chaired the Met Gala both in 2013, the designer announced to Style.com that he had collaborated with Nike. Details as of now are at a premium: The wares will arrive in stores this Spring with the NIKE RT logo and will likely include some sort of footwear. Other than that, it’s all up in the air.

The quotes that the involved parties gave provide little insight, only speaking of a longtime mutual admiration. “For me, Nike represents a lot: my childhood, America,” Tisci said to Style.com “In Europe, America is the flag, McDonald’s, Marlboro, and Nike, for a kid it’s very important.”

Nike responded by saying “We were impressed by his vision,” via their Global Footwear Director Ian Ginoza. Ginoza continued by saying “I personally wear some of the t-shirts; that’s something that Riccardo does well, blurring the lines with street fashion.” (Maybe he liked the t-shirts so much that there will be a few of those tossed into the product offerings as well?)

There’s a good chance that Riccardo will outdo his “quasi-designer, mostly rapper but always a personality” pal Kanye West who also has collaborated with Nike, but of course we’ll have to stick around to find out.



Tisci posted this photo on his Instagram account that appears to show Joan Smalls wearing Nike– which we can only assume is his pair with the brand.

According to the caption, the shoes will be available in select stores and will retail for $225. For sneaker lovers this will be a hot item for it exclusivity and fly high-top design.