10 Of the 23 Highest-Paid Reality Stars On TV Are Real Housewives

Real Housewives Dominate List Of Highest-Paid Reality Stars

Real HousewivesPhoto: WENN

On a pay scale from a low of Snooki’s $200,000 to a high of Simon Cowell’s $95 million, where do all the Real Housewives rate in terms of cash money earned? Somewhere in the middle, it seems. In a new list compiled by Business Insider, “The 23 Highest-Paid Reality Stars,” 10 of the 23 stars on the list are taken by the Real Housewives of… you name it.

We all know just how obsessed a lot of these ladies seem with fame and fortune, and the fact that almost half–43 percent to be exact–of the highest-paid reality stars are Bravo Housewives is a telling fact about their celebrity, their personal brands, and the staying power that being a “Housewife” provides.

Being a housewife allowed Nene Leakes–who brings in a cool $1 million a year and is the highest-paid housewife of the bunch–to make her way to Hollywood. It provided the platform for Kandi Burruss to become a more successful singer/producer, to launch her bedroom toy business, and to bring in a not-too-shabby $450,000 a year. But it’s not all fun and games as it turns out. Being a housewife may have exacerbated the lavish lifestyle of the second highest-paid housewife Teresea Giudice who was recently indicted alongside her husband financial fraud.

As for non-housewife celebrities on the list, you’ve obviously got the Kardashian kclan who brings in $10 million from Keeping Up With The Kardashians. (Kimmy Cakes is actually the highest-paid reality star in TV, but most of her money comes from endorsement deals, so she was ineligible for this list.) The rest of the list is populated mostly by judges on “The Voice” and “American Idol”; even Kelly Rowland is on there with her $1 million a season. (You go Kelly Rowland!)

For the full details of who gets paid what, head over to Business Insider to flip through the list. Prepare to be jealous.

  • HoneybLex

    Go head Mrs. Leaks…Bloop Bloop!!

  • MrsRivera

    Nene has no investments like Kandi. I bet the farm Kandi will stay financially stable and continue to grow, but once the acting opportunities dry up so will Nene’s funds. I hope that doesn’t happen I like them both 🙂

    • ucantbme

      I hope that’s what they put n her bank account after taxes. Cuz the way thmey live a mil ain’t nothing. When ur RENT is 2200/5000 a month. How u gon eat.

  • Media_Slore_Agent

    Nene still don’t own her own home, please.

  • akwgreenzbk

    Let’s go team Teresa! lol I know no1 will agree with me but I like her. Can’t really explain why because she says the dumbest sh*t and should divorce her husband but wuteva…

    Side note: Kandi over Nene all day!