Cameroonian Pop Star Changes Several Shades, Pushes Intense Whitening Cream



The media has made no secret of the insane popularity of skin bleaching. While there are a lot of continents that use the products, Nigeria has the highest sales for any country in the world. According to the World Health Organization, 77 percent of Nigerian women bleach their skin and a lot of it is because of societal pressures.

On the forefront of this discussion is Nigerian singer Dencia who is pushing as product called Whitenicious. Yea. And aside from the sketch-ville name the product–which claims to be a dark spot remover– has the tagline “Say Goodbye to pigmentation and spots forever!” Yes, because who wants to have natural God-given pigmentation.



Dencia’s pigmentation has gone from an even-toned brown shade to very fair skinned. She also appears to have had a nose job. These points are not to throw shade at her personal character, but as we noted before, a lot of these psychical changes can be attributed to the desire to look more white.

Clutch asked Nigerian-American rapper Kingsley “Rukus” Okafor to expand upon the trend. “It’s hard to understand until you’ve been in the streets of an African nation,” he said. “There’s a different treatment and desirability factor in Africa for lighter skinned women, well beyond what we experience in the US. It’s an epidemic. You can’t walk a day in the streets of Lagos without seeing someone who has/is bleached. Finding a well-to-do husband/sugar daddy is a priority and women are willing to do what they have to, to fit standards of beauty.”

The discussion is quite troubling and carries on throughout the world. Watch the video below about the epidemic in Jamaica. And let us know your thoughts on the trend.




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  1. says:

    Oh God! this is so dangerous! Don’t do anything like this to your skin it is mindless.

  2. says:

    Wrong video idiots, that’s of those stupid a$$ Jamaicans in Kingston…another reason I hate people from Kingston! They’re so fu€King ignorant!!!

  3. says:

    1. She isnt a pop star. 2. She is barely known. 3. She lives in California. 4.She is not Nigerian, she is Cameroonian.

  4. says:

    These negro women I tell ya! They love to look like anything but black. Self hate is real.

    • says:

      Wasn’t that the reason your daddy got your momma, because he didn’t like BLACK women? your words, not mines. Yeah self hate is real.

  5. says:




  6. says:

    Love your beautiful brown ,chocolate,Hershey smooth shea butter African skin people… is right….not wrong…dont believe the hype.

  7. says:

    That’s some deep deep sh!t. That’s self hatred on steroids! Pigmentation is as good as it gets!

  8. says:

    Chick looks albino now

  9. says:

    Where is the bitter black woman crew since they do no wrong?!

  10. says:

    the sad thing is that she was so much prettier before the skin bleaching. her skin tone looks unnatural and greyish, not “white”. is skin bleaching permanent? I can’t imagine it’s healthy for the skin.

  11. says:

    Looks like she got the Nikki Minaj special equipped with a new nose, breast and skin. I think Nikki even took a pic in that same bathing suit. Anything for a dollar smh.

  12. says:

    She’s not Nigerian but yes many African women love to bleach. She looked better before.

  13. says:

    Get Your facts right, she’s NOT Nigerian!

  14. says:

    lmao.. does this chit really work?? i mean come one now how can you go from a mocha tone to a white looking casper cause of some cream? does this pose any health concerns?? skin cancer? what are the products that really work?? why are women doing this to themselves. smdh bunch of MJ wanna be’s

  15. says:

    White supremacy is a helluva drug and a helluva addiction!!! Mental illness is real!!!

  16. says:

    Wow this is crazy, she can’t possibly think she looks good. she looked better before. I am completely flabbergasted with the people who hate what they were born with…..

  17. says:

    welll , I seeee black is not beautifull any longer -I disagree to the fullest – black is bangin and I ain’t talking about gang banging either

  18. says:

    She looks better with lighter skin

    • says:

      She now looks like a shapely corpse with green hair. Not cute!!!!

      This is extremely sad. Wow. Who knew africans were so fcked up in the head. The white man brainwashed the hell out of nigeria. They fell for the trick.

      Thankfully the majority of black women in the US are proud to be whatever shade they were born with

  19. says:

    Sorry, but I rather be ashy than scaly….go ashy feet gooooo so take ya “dark spot cream” and shove it up ya i’nehole (cus you missed
    a spot!)

  20. says:

    Lol @ black people who say ‘ white people be tanning.’

  21. says:

    Yo bleached butt betta not get hit by the sun cus you gon buuuurrrrrrnnnn!

  22. says:

    Look at Rosario Dawson in the first Steve Harvey movie and the second. She pulled an MJ too. They use a pigment killing medication designed to remove pigmentation from people with Vitiligo. They essentially turn themselves into Albinos. But Why turn yourself into an Albino for no good reason? It’s an insult to God. He made us all different colors because He likes it that way.
    I don’t believe MJ had vitiligo. Of course, I’m not God so I don’t know for sure. But looking at the totality of how he was (the nose job, making it a point NOT to have Black children, etc.) I just don’t believe it.

    • says:

      Michael Jackson did have vitiligo. I saw it myself. He was very self conscious about it. His knees and knuckles were the places that I saw the discoloration.

  23. says:

    Hmmm well when you have your idols like Beyonce nicki minaj and Tamar Braxton bleaching themselves to the point that they no longer look white but invisible insecure and no self esteem having lil girls will feel that’s what BLACK BEAUTY is suppose to look like. Damn shame. It’s a trend that many dark skinned women across the world is doing….from Indian to Spanish to hatian to African it isn’t just a black thing. It’s crazy how white ppl bake themselves to be dark while the dark skinned girls fry themselves white. Sad world

  24. says:

    she looked so much better before. Isn’t she afraid of how drastically she’s changed???

  25. says:

    I can only imagine a yt woman with a nigerian accent.Hilarious

  26. says:

    She looked better brown. Better go get a refund…. yikes!

  27. says:

    How the fvck will your babies look you dumb b!tch! This is so disgusting and disrespectful. Once again, brothers are shaming dark skinned women into looking like body snatchers. If black men want women with light skin,black women will kill themselves for light skin. If black men want women with straight long hair, black women will put weaves/wigs on their heads. If black men want women with retarded a$$es, black women will inject retardation into their behinds. Brothers can’t build sh!t but the white woman’s self-esteem. Thanks guys. I really HOPE the sun BURNS HER A$$ TO HELL.

  28. says:

    The skin is dark for a reason you dumb hoes

  29. says:

    Sooooo, if you have a baby you have to bleach their skin too? God this is crazy.

  30. says:

    They ain’t gonna be happy till they f#ck around and get skin cancer. Damn shameful

  31. says:

    She looks like death!!!!

  32. says:

    I would smash this Nigerian dirt dobber to wild wilda beast

  33. says:

    This is beyond sad

  34. says:

    The need to want to be lighter is a very serious thing in the black community, I love my skin color, and love the fact that we as black people aren’t “bland” people we come in so many beautiful shades. I remember being little and wanting to be light and im light skinned already.

  35. says:

    I’ve just seen her twitter pictures and I have to admit she has an amazing figure.

  36. says:

    Smh… just wow

  37. says:

    I am dark skinned. I understand the pressure but I can’t condone this. I had to learn to look past the teasing and love the skin I’m in. Not everyone wants to be light. Some of us chocolate sistas have that beautiful skin that they envy. I can’t tell you how many times they ask me what I use on my skin. They talk about us americans, but these “true africans have no sense of true self beauty.

  38. says:

    Are we NUTS! Like Malcolm X said who taught you to yourself. Black people are the original people. God blessed us with melanin(dark pigmentation) to grow and nourish in the SUN, God’s first creation. We retain our youthfulness longer-minimum wrinkles and our skin radiates. I am beautiful cocoa brown and I love my skin. I am part Nigerian and I am sad to see this happening. I don’t remember it being this bad when I used to travel there. Everyone wants to be us tanning and we don’t know what we have. They are now making medications with melantonin in it because it is a calming agent. We better get it together. We have embraced FALSE eurocentric standards of beauty when the vatican has the black madonna in its chambers. BLACK PEOPLE WAKE UP!

  39. says:

    I can’t be mad when I turn 14 and my kidneys started going bad. People began complaining about how dark I was getting. I had a Mexican call me dirty her lame excuse was that’s what they call black people in her country. I began bleaching. The problem was I wasn’t using it properly and it was too much. I got lazy after the first month and quit. Thank goodness cause that bleaching done mess some people up. Goodness they look terrible.

  40. says:

    I’m light skinned but I love the dark honey brown of black skin, so why are they tryna be whiter?

    • says:

      Sorry honey but your not light-skinned

      • says:

        that’s the lighting of the camera…taken in a dark room. in person, I’m much lighter.

        • says:

          Yeah…not light-skinned, sweetie. Whole point of this feature…black people without a proper sense of self. All about desiring to be something that they are not and completely delusional about what they are. You have beautiful brown skin…not a deep brown, but definitely brown. Own it. It’s yours and it’s beautiful.

  41. says:

    this dumb idiot traded the skin that protects you from the sun rays for the skin that does not take sun rays very well…

  42. says:

    Nardo Ranks said it best. “Dem a bleeeaach! Dem a bleach out dem skin! Dem a bleeeaach fi look like a brownin.” Sad.

  43. says:

    She was beautiful before. It’s sad that she felt the need to do that.

  44. says:

    So this coming from a “white” person. I don’t get what the obsession is to be lighter? Black skin is beautiful. Dark, light. Whatever. It’s beautiful. She seriously looks like a fool now. It’s not even white.

  45. says:

    dark spot remover?! it’s so wrong… on so many levels….

  46. says:

    She is from Cameroon not Nigeria but sad, sad problem indeed!

  47. says:

    She’s not nigerian. This is just lazy and sloppy journalism. Not to mention very inferior. Engage in some fact checking please.

  48. says:

    She’s from Cameroon.

  49. says:

    This articles puts Nigeria on blast with poorly drawn “facts”. A little research would show Dencia is from CAMEROON!! Lol

    But to push back on the lazy reporting, The actual WHO report (quickly searchable on google, btw), indicates Nigeria has the highest percentage in users with 77% (a figure most Nigerians would roundly dispute) but 61% of India’s skin products contain bleachers and 40% of Chinese and Phillipines women use bleaching product, so how can you say Nigeria has the highest sales of any country?

  50. says:

    Bleaching s a real problem everywhere. But one value of having an African writer, I’d think is a more nuanced approach to addressing Africa issues. No one in Nigeria or Africa is trying to look “white”. We see few white people, if anything people want to be “fair” to mirror generally lighter ethnicities like the igbo or maybe fulani. The roots of the problem comprise general skin sustainability among urban poor, misinformation about product content, undue sun exposure, along with the problematic preference issue.

  51. says:

    We (West Africa) have no social/historical issues with complexion. Even today, in Nigeria the beauty standard bearers are notably dark (Genevieve Nnaji, Omowunmi Akinnifesi), in a country with many lighter skinned and biracial people. Our billboards all broadcast beautiful Nigerian adults and kids. If we show the local, market women (who tend to be the bleach users, anyway) how their dark skin can be made to look healthy and taken care of in the African sun, we’d go miles over “love your black” sensationalism.

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