From Afros To Black Panthers: The Evolution of Epic Black Style


Photo: WENN

Today marks the commemoration of the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We celebrate by paying homage to the times and fashion that reflected African and African American style.

The culture of the Civil Rights movement meant having to be bold, to be extravagant all the while protecting yourself from harm and racism. The timeframe between 1955 to the late 1970s found two worlds, the mainstream and the “minority,” colliding in a clash that would reverberate around the globe.

Individuals such as John Lewis, Rosa Parks, James Meredith, and even collectives like The Little Rock Nine and The Black Panther Party all had a part to play in helping the disenfranchised earn their inalienable rights from a country only willing to champion segregationist policies.

As we celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, we pay special attention and homage to the evolution of epic Black style. From its movements within the streets to the pop charts, these fashionable touchstones came courtesy of men and women who exemplified boldness and extravagance to which the fashion industry continues to drawn inspiration from today.

Here, we begin our memorable fashion moment with a salute to those trippy 1960s…


styleblazer-lists-the-evolution-of-epic-black-fashion-1960s-1Photo: Tumblr

While Martin Luther King Jr. and┬áJohn Lewis were walking to fight for African and African American’s civil rights, the brothers and sister around the country were getting rid of the conk, in favor of the Afro.


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  • Angela

    I love being Black, but there is nothing cute about an Afro! It doesn’t make anyone look
    better! Sorry

    • English

      I am a women and I have a big beautiful Afro and I look fantastic!, my two year son has a huge Afro and he is georgous, God gave Black people a natural crown to show white people we are kings and Queens, we need to wear it!

  • Chris

    This is a dope post. Looking back in time like this reminds me why us African-Americans are such trail blazers. I love being black American and the things we have been through make us the resilient powerful influential people we are today. I know our unity and love amongst each other is being heightened as we become more aware and awoken. be prepared for our glory to reestablish itself. Love to my African American people!!!!

  • Danielle

    I love being black and I don’t it’s cute to wear the hair of someone else on your head…

  • universal

    where is the soulglow commericial when you need it..LOL.

  • Got Nuthin’ But Love For U

  • Got Nuthin’ But Love For U

  • Wepo1

    Asians own black hair now.

  • gn

    Kinda sad that we went from huge afros to blond. Hope that natural hair rebounds.

  • BrooklynChickLovesLiberty

    You forgot about the disgusting 2000’s practice of extreme sagging pants.