Our Top 5 Best Celebrity Beauty Moments Of The Week Ending 1.17.13

  • Sheila

    Sisters, we are beautiful. Yes, we are.

  • choopy

    Lupita & Margot are stunning.

  • S Jo

    I am a Tika Sumpter fan!
    But earlier today I went to the movies to see
    “Ride Along”, & that hideous wig that they
    put on Tika in the movie Ride Along was
    horrible! It ruined the whole movie!
    Tika is gorgeous & represents Black women well, but when that put that horrific cheap looking wig on her in the movie, it destroyed the movie! She does not look like that!
    Black Actors need to stand up & demand
    The most attractive visual images of themselves! Every race went to see that movie,
    & it was embarrassing as a Black person,
    to see a fake looking, cheap wig on one of our most gorgeous Black women in film & TV!
    In big films like Ride Along, make sure we are beautiful from head to toe like always please!

  • soraya

    all three are very attractive but lupita wins this one.

  • mia

    Lupita is so beautiful! !!

  • mia

    Jennifer is not looking her best in this photo.

    • Belinda

      Yeah i saw that pic and thought,” Someone is going to be fired!”

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