Week In Review: The Best Stories On StyleBlazer

Week In Review: The Best Stories On StyleBlazer

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This week proved to be an interesting news weeks. Between a Barbie themed plastic surgery game and pop star skin bleaching, we were left in disbelief, while trying to make sense of it all. And those stories were just the tip of the iceberg. Whether you missed it all or it was all too much to digest the first time, we’ve rounded up the best stories of the week for you.

Look below to see the best stories that happened this week!


If you thought Barbie culture couldn’t get more sexist and offensive–think again. Thank goodness this Barbie-themed plastic surgery game got pulled from the apple iTunes store

Sarah Jessica Parker is on a roll. Fresh off the preview of her upcoming SJP shoe line at Nordstrom, she is also trying her hand at the jewelry business.

The Real Housewives reality stars do more than lunch, throw bottles, talk trash and shop. They also command big bucks, dominating the list of highest-paid reality stars.

There is a new sheriff in town over at Saks Fifth Avenue and she is shaking things up. Check out the new plans for the store.

“Wolf of Wall Street” may be nominated for several Academy Awards, but that doesn’t mean everyone involved is happy about the film.

Just when we thought we couldn’t love FLOTUS anymore, she said this.

Elite Model Management made history by making the biggest payout to unpaid intern.

If you thought the idea that beautiful people have it easier in life was just a myth then be prepared to think otherwise.

Skin bleaching has become an epidemic and there are some– like this Nigerian pop star– that is not helping the situation.