American Apparel Questionable Mannequins

Your Morning Tea: What’s Brewing In Fashion

American Apparel

At this point American Apparel must consciously plan ways to gain attention on a regular and unforgettable basis. The first one of 2014, are mannequins in the Lower East Side neighborhood of Manhattan wearing underwear with visible p*bic hair showing. Because if there was anyway to promote Women’s Lib, this is it. [READ More]

Sarah Jessica Parker may not be actively acting, but the fashionista is still taking her talents to the bank. In addition to her shoe line, Parker has created a line of greeting cards and stationary with Hallmark. Set to be released this week, we’re looking forward to some sexually-loaded one-liners. “Hey birthday, lover.” [READ More]

Tyra Banks has made an announcement that may change the lives of tweens everywhere. No, she’s not lowering the age requirements for ‘Top Model’ –she has meet with Disney about making a “Life Size” sequel. The original with Lindsay Lohan did incredibly well considering the amount of other horrible film options in the late 90s, early 2000s. [READ More]