Best Naural Hairstyles Of The Week

Thursday Tresses: The Best Hair Of The Week

best natural hairstyles


Comb, add product, part and twist. It’s the same four steps every woman in this slideshow did to get very different results. And they all look beautiful.

One of the best aspects of growing your natural hair out is discovering its one-of-a-kind texture. Some have big coils, others tight and tiny. With the right amount of TLC they have the potential to take on its own personality. We embrace and glow all the while.

See curls let loose with no headbands accessories or pins, on the next pages.

(All photos from Instagram)

natural hairstyles15

natural hairstyles

natural hairstyles2

natural hairstyles3

natural hairstyles4

natural hairstyles5

natural hairstyles6

natural hairstyles7

natural hairstyles8

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natural hairstyles10

natural hairstyles11

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natural hairstyles14

  • bizzy toothick

    i need more information on black hair because i have to work on a science fair project on the history behind natural black hair and so far i have come empty handed

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