Oprah Magazine Cover to be No More?

Say It Aint So! Oprah May Stop Posing On ‘O’ Magazine Covers

Oprah magazine Feb 2014

When Oprah Winfrey first said that she would appear on every cover of O, The Oprah Magazine we were highly doubtful. But 14 years and dozens of copies later, she’s managed to do it. She’s unstoppable. Until now.

According to Page Six, Winfrey is reconsidering that promise and may not pose for covers anymore. “Hearst staffers say Oprah Winfrey is sick of shooting her O magazine covers and is going to retire from doing them soon — even though she typically knocks out three covers in one daylong shoot,” they report. “Now editors are scrambling on how to handle the covers.”

While it seems highly unlikely that she’s tired of werking the camera, fluctuating magazine sales may have something to do with the change. On the upside, she’s never looked better than on her recent cover (above).

Here’s a tip, walk away on top. It’s just the classy thing to do.


  • To much Photoshopping with her on that mag. On one of her covers, instead of putting her photoshopped smiling face on the cover, she needs to put her busted feet.

  • Oprah really looks amazing in that pic. She looks younger with her hair like that. I always thought Oprah was a beautiful women everyone has there days.

  • Jonesy

    It’s about time!!!! I just always thought is was WACK that this woman put herself on the front of her own magazine, like who does that?? How egotistical can one be?? I will always remember a day when I was in the NYC subway, and a couple saw her magazine at a newsstand. They totally BLASTED her for being on her own cover! I couldn’t do anything but laugh….Yeah O, we get it, you’re successful, but use other models please. You never see Anna Wintour on the cover of Vogue!

  • madmoma

    At last!!!! I will buy a copy now!!