Miu Miu Spring 2014 Video Stars It-Girl Lupita Nyong'o

Lupita Nyong’o Continues To Dominate Life In Miu Miu Spring 2014 Campaign Video

Lupita Nyong’o is continuing along her path to world domination via awesomeness (watch out, JLaw). Her latest success comes alongside fellow It-Girls Elizabeth Olsen, Elle Fanning, and Bella Heathcote in the just-released video for their Spring 2014 Miu Miu campaign.

The video is colorful and bright, but, like those crazy Japanese video games that made people pass out about a decade ago, it’s perhaps not for the seizure-prone. Fast jump cuts spliced with shots of the patterns used in the collection–try and see if you can spot a few glimpses of that elusive cat–provide the framework through which each of the four girls appears and disappears, obviously looking quite lovely in Miu Miu outfits in the process.

Creative duo Inez and Vinoodh directed the video, proving once more their ascent to superstardom very well may be in 2014. (See Exhibit A and Exhibit B). Miu Miu said that the though process behind the video was as follows, “We dive into a techno interpretation of the SS14 collection, starring a new generation of Hollywood talent. With video game speed and sounds, we discover the four actresses’ imaginary bedrooms through the liquid slide projections created by overlaying the footage with magnificent patterns of the Miu Miu prints.”

In typical Miu Miu style, the video is fun, quirky, and a little out there. Just don’t watch it too many times, we’re beginning to feel a little cross eyed over here.

  • truthbetold

    It is wrong what they’re doing, stop bigging this woman up as if she’s gonna be the next Julia Roberts. Her career trajectory will mirror the graph of the negative bell curve.

  • I love Lupita, ❤. Aint no denying she is a gorgeous women. But alot of black men are so caught up in skin tone. To each its own. I guess.

    • JoeYardie


  • telli38

    my new idol! Lovely!

  • SMH

    I hope she saves the money because in hollywood she’ s just a flavor of the month, they adore her now but the roles will stop coming in and she’ll be another unemployed dark sknned actress.
    I think shes cool but we know the routine.

    • chaka1

      You have color issues don’t you? All actresses of all colors have up and downs. Everyone said Gabourey would be over after Precious and she’s still acting.

      • So true!!

      • Are u really Chaka,?? If so, i lovee u!

      • MiaSara

        I think tv would be great for her. A se xy cable show set in Africa. Something like Jill Scott’s cancelled hbo show.

        Hopefully Lupita goes the tv route because she’s already developed a ton of followers who’d watch her.
        I’d love to see her and Terry Pheto (another talented stunner) do something together!
        Oprah get on it! And keep Tyler Perry away from it, lol

  • Ms. Guest Lady

    Lupita is winning

  • tarrilove

    This is definitely the year of Lupita! She is stunning and classy. Hopefully her and Kerry Washington can bring back the classy look.Then all these girls can stop running around looking like video models and pop stars.

    • S Jo

      This is the era of p r e t t y Black women!

  • Faison

    She is winning true class and beauty (not just physical) never gets old

  • Mana Gee

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    • MiaSara

      Clutch my pearls!
      Oh that grammar! Tell ur sisters neighbor to hook you to some phonics, chile.

  • Jessica Wilson

    She has beautiful brown skin! She is gorgeous !

  • She better keep up these modeling gigs while she look young. Because after a certain age in the industry she will be too old. Lupita looks nice tho lol

  • JoeYardie

    a classy good looking black woman… non europeanized woman and she embrace her skin color and real hair.! good woman and good looking. DAMN!