High-Fashion Hoodies For Men Have Been Trending On Recent Runways

StyleBlazer Man: High-Fashion Hoodies Are Trending On The Runway And In Real Life

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It’s been a long time coming, but the one more bit of streetwear has finally jumped from the route to the runway–luxe, haute couture hoodies are now a bona fide thing, and they are basically all the rage. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal looked into the hoodie’s sartorial ascent, proclaiming “The hoodie is having a fashion moment—one that may be long-lasting enough to make the garment a wardrobe staple.”

Now, for most regular people out there, the hoodie already is a wardrobe staple. But we’re not talking college about sweatshirts; the hoodie of the moment is a more luxurious basic, one that could be made, not of cotton, but rather leather or cashmere or silk, instead.

The history of the hoodie glides along an upward slope in terms of social sartorial acceptance. It first appeared on monks in the Middle Ages in a cowl neck version, then was championed by Champion in the 1930s as a staple for laborers, and the 90s brought big brand-name hoodies to the streets. By the early 2000s Silicon Valley men turned the hoodie into professional attire, and now high fashion is getting a taste of the comfortable shape.

The runway trend has also made its way into today’s professional world, many men are wearing thin hoodies underneath blazers to the office. And the trend can definitely work so long as you pay attention to the material and the shape. For more budget-friendly and office appropriate hoodies, look to J. Crew, James Perse, and Brunelloo Cucinelli–ok he’s actually not so budget friendly.

That an item that at times inspires fear and trepidation in some people to this day ended up on multiple recent runways is an interesting phenomenon to consider. Christina Brinkley discussed the idea with the WSJ, suggesting the risque factor appealed to the fashion world. And we all know that once something starts trending, everybody has to give their take.

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