Sizzlin' Swimsuit Editorial in Elle Brazil - Make Us Wish It was Summer Again!

Sizzlin’ Swimsuit Editorial in Elle Brazil: Makes Us Wish It was Summer Again

After the freak Winter Storm that hit us totally unexpectedly over the weekend, not to mention the 30-degree weather that came along with it, it’s starting to dawn on us that Grand Daddy winter is creeping up on our doorsteps. However, it’s not winter everywhere in the fashion universe – thankfully.

We discovered this hot new tropical-themed shoot in Elle Brazil featuring the stunning models Carmelita Mendes and Barbara di Creddo. It was styled by Susana Barbosa and features a mix of colorful styles and looks from next season. When we look at this shoot, and we can almost close our eyes and make believe that we’re basking in the hot sun in one of Rio’s scenic beaches.

Check out the hot looks in the slideshow below: