Your Morning Tea: What’s Brewing In Fashion

Cara-Delevingne-Matt-Iwrin-Style-com-Print-Magazine–Spring-2013-2Photo: Matt Iwrin

If Kate Middleton has the ideal nose than Cara Delevingne is winning in the eyebrow department. British plastic surgeons are attributing the model for the rise in request to have the au naturale look. We’d totally be down, but with the baby hair trend also on the rise we’d look like a wildebeest. [READ More]

Carey Mulligan may not be a public chatterbox, but when it comes to re-purposing Prada dresses she’s a bastian of knowledge. The actress talked to Vogue about her 2013 Oscar dress that had utensils attached. Obviously a tasty meal and dessert were involved. [READ More]

There’s about to be a major move in the American manufacturing industry and one of the most unlikely supporters is Wal-mart. Yes, the retail giant often beguiled for its slightly illegal practices is fronting $10 million to support domestic manufacturing innovation. Take that K-mart and all of China. [READ More with subscription]

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