David Beckham's An Action Hero In New Shoot For David Beckham Bodywear

Half-Naked David Beckham Is Stuck On A Roof, What Next?

David Beckham for H&MPhoto: H&M

It sounds almost like a dream I had the other night–David Beckham is locked out of a photo shoot on a rooftop in just his underwear. I’ll spare the details of my nighttime reveries, but in reality Beckham just turns to his own supremely in-shape body to get off the roof in safety–performing all of his own stunts to do so. Of course, this semi-nude action is all in the name of Beckham’s spring collection of David Beckham Bodywear at H&M.

Turns out he did make it to the photo shoot, as evidenced by the photos on the following pages, and he even had time to film two campaign videos depicting his exiting roof escape, both directed by Nicolas Winding Refn (“Drive”; “Only God Forgives”). “It was so exciting to work with one of my favourite directors, Nicolas Winding Refn, on my new campaign for H&M. Nicolas pushed me hard to create an action-packed film, which shows off this season’s new heritage-inspired bodywear at its best,” said Beckham. (The two videos are now competing on H&M’s website–starting today fans can vote on their favorite escape and the commercial with the most votes win. Watch and vote here.)

Like the news of his collection of bodywear for boys that was released a few weeks ago, Beckham’s spring bodywear will focus on ” a fresh take on heritage.” Expect varsity lettering and stripes on long-sleeved henleys and briefs. Both the boy’s line and the line for men will go on sale in stores starting January 30, 2014.

Got a significant other that might look good in Beckham’s bodywear? Or do you just want to ogle his hotness? Either way, check out the photos from his campaign on the next few pages.

PS: In my dream, I swoop in and save him from the roof and we run off and live happily ever after hidden in the Seychelles. Sorry I’m not sorry, Posh.


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