10 Celebrities Who Refused To Promote Their Own Work

10 Celebrities Who Refused To Promote Their Own Work


While it’s not uncommon to see celebrities diss their own work, it’s not everyday that they outright refuse to support it. Most of the time they just bite the bullet and only years later reveal their unhappiness with the project, but the celebs on this list were very open and adamant about not backing the projects and products with their name on it.

Check out these 10 celebrities who refused to promote their own work.


2014 ESSENCE Black Women in Hollywood LuncheonPhoto: WENN

For most major artists touring is an essential part of supporting and promoting their music but Brandy decided to forgo that experience back in 1998. She refused to go on tour for her album Never Say Never. The reason? She was overcome with stage fright two years earlier that she simply couldn’t shake.



Radiohead PF WENNPhoto: WENN

Alternative rock band Radiohead refused to play their massively popular single “Creep” at concerts. They felt the song overshadowed the rest of their music. But “Creep” was inescapable, and eventually they resumed playing it at shows…like they had a choice.


Paris Hilton


Despite her history of objectionable behavior, it turns out Paris Hilton actually has a moral standard. Hilton bailed on promoting her National Lampoon film Pledge This, saying the movie was all about “T&A.”

Keanu Reeves

Photocall 'Ronin'Photo: WENN

Playing a sadistic serial killer in The Watcher (2000) was a role Keanu Reeves never wanted. The actor claimed a friend of his forged his signature on the contract, forcing him to commit to the film. However, when the movie was released Reeves refused to do any press. The Watcher spent two weeks at the top of the box office. Go figure.

Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz

70th Annual Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton HotelPhoto: WENN

For actors Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz, making the film Dream House was anything but a dream. There was constant contention between the director and the production company. Craig and Weisz were so unhappy with the final cut of the film that they refused to do any promotion. It wasn’t all bad, though; this was the film that led to Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz’s marriage.

Lindsay Lohan

Z100 jingle ball at MSGPhoto: WENN

After director Paul Schrader gave Lindsay Lohan a chance by hiring her for his film The Canyons, she returned the favor by ditching the movie upon its release. The movie flopped. According to Schrader, LiLo is partly to blame for not showing up to the film festival screenings.

Selena Gomez

wenn10840116Photo: WENN

Selena Gomez is hardly known for being a controversial star. The most upsetting thing she’s done is date Justin Bieber, so it comes as a bit of a surprise that the young starlet was being sued for a bad deal. Gomez reportedly signed a contract with a fragrance company to create a perfume with her name on it, but after they spent $2 million on marketing, Gomez bailed.


Lil’ Kim

      KIM WENN Photo: WENN

Lil’ Kim inked a licensing deal with International Rock Star Corp in 2012 to roll out a host of  products under her name, including a Lil’ Kim perfume line. When it was time to get the ball rolling, she refused to show up for business meetings unless she was paid extra. Worse still, when her perfume line was executed, Kim reportedly refused to promote it.


TimbalandPhoto: WENN

Despite Timbaland and Ginuwine having started their careers together, the multi-platinum beat-maker didn’t seem to have much problem leaving his former buddy out to dry. Ginuwine claims that he paid Timbo $50,000 to appear in the music video for his song “Get Involved,” which Timbaland produced. When time came to shoot the video, the super producer was a no-show.

Jim Carrey

David Lynch Foundation honors Rick RubinPhoto: WENN

Jim Carrey took a lot of heat for being one of the many celebrities who refused to promote their own work. Carrey declined doing press for his movie Kick Ass 2 following the Sandy Hook shooting. The funny man tweeted that in “all good conscience I cannot support that level of violence.”

  • Steven

    Anyone know how far in court this case has gotten? I know it wasn’t JUST that Selena “bailed”, but there were questionable matters regarding the deal AFTER she signed. Any one?

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