Gorgeous! Cassie Shoots New Promo Pics for Carol's Daughter's Chocolät Smoothing System

Gorgeous! Cassie Shoots New Promo Pics for Carol’s Daughter’s Chocolät Smoothing System

More of a model than a singer, Cassie Ventura is showing off her one of a kind hairstyle in the latest Carol’s Daughter ads. In beautiful black and white Cassie shows off the latest collection from Carol’s Daughter, the Chocolät Smoothing System.

This blend of the cacao extract helps rebuild coarse hair into smooth strands from the time you apply it in the shower and throughout continued use. Being that Cassie’s hair doesn’t really have a coarse texture, we question if she was the proper choice to model this product specifically, but she looks fab nonetheless.

See more pics from the new promo campaign on the following pages:

  • I noticed the models for Carol’s Daughter and I commented on that to one of the sale’s girls in their store. Get me someone like India. Arie, Jill Scott, or Alec Wek to show me how this product will help with my natural hair. I’m not knocking anyone with a softer hair texture, but those of us with truly nappy hair want to buy something that works for us, not something that’s supposed to work for us, yet is really designed for white and biracial women.

    • The fact of the matter is…..CD alienated their core consumers.

      Regardless of  Cassie’s hair type of color. When flipping though a
      magazine or walking pass this ad, a natural hair rocking, coco brown,
      woman’s knee jerk reaction will be to not give it a 2nd look. Her
      sub-conscious  mind  would tell her this product is not for her. I’m not
      saying that the product will not work on her hair, I’m just speaking
      from a advertising stance. Also, Cassie is a beautiful girl HANDS DOWN!
      but not very relatable to a CD consumer. If you know the brand you know
      the stores have a very natural, country, slight Afrocentric, family
      friendly  feel, ….. Cassie fits none of those descriptions.

  • Crystal_dudley2000

    Don’t understand why they keep advertising products like this thats suppose to work for specific hair types or textures to someone that doesn’t have the same problem as a person with more coarse texture seeing cassie as a spokesmodel doesn’t make me want to run out buy the product becAuse she doesn’t have my hair type market your product better

  • Sallen84

    unfortunately carol’s daughter ads never use cocoa  brown skinned african americans

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