Stylists Needed ASAP: 15 Celebrity Wigs That Look Like Wigs (In A Bad Way)

K. Michelle is a Rebellious Soul at Power 99Photo: AKM-GSI


We’ve been noticing something, that we can no longer be silent about. Wigs are as old as time. Since ancient Egypt, women have been wearing pieces as a way to protect their hair and sport new styles. And to this day, we see nothing wrong with wearing a wig for any and every occasion. But here’s the addendum: it shouldn’t look like a straight up wig.

Need me to expound? My pleasure.

With the introduction of fast fashion, fast beauty has also been something we’ve noticed in the industry. Instead of taking time to develop and perfect looks, a lot of celebrities are just plopping anything on their faces and heads (specifically) to work for the time being. No styling. No blending. Just plopping.

Take K. Michelle for instance. It’s not every day that the singer’s hair looks crazy. We actually love her in a asymmetrical bob or short cut, but these wigs… She sported a horrible one on this week’s episode of “Love & Hip Hop” that totally negated everything semi-stylish thing she’s done in the past. But she’s not the only one! From Kim Zolciak to Nicki Minaj, the wig offenses are EVERYWHERE. And they need to stop.

Hopefully the women in this slideshow (and the entire free world) will take note, get a good stylist and stop being lazy.


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  1. says:

    Naya Rivera wears a wig?? I don’t think so.

  2. says:

    I thought naya was kim for a second O_o

  3. says:

    Tara looks great in the blone wig. It gave her a little edge. I love blonde hair, I just hate when it grows out to ends. Don’t mind the roots, but hate the ombre look.

  4. says:

    Some of these girls look just fine. Tyra, Naya, Toni… Those wigs weren’t bad to me

  5. says:

    you forgot to mention jenny mccarthy in the white girls.

  6. says:

    lol…is anyone expecting “natural” looks from a celebrity? They’ve got on tons of makeup and those silly huge glue-on eyelashes, and that’s just the start.

  7. says:

    Kim zolciak has hair growth problems that’s why she wears a wig ….so she shouldn’t even be on that list so there is no logic of you putting her there

  8. says:

    What a pointless article, those ladies dont look that bad. Get a life !

  9. says:

    I don’t think Lady Gaga was trying to hide it

  10. says:

    uhh Beyonce? really? her wig looks fine

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