4 Spring 2014 Trends To Make A Style Statement

Style Guide: 4 Spring 2014 Trends To Set You Apart From The Pack

As much fun as it can be to follow and wear the latest trends, it has its downside. Eventually everything becomes formulaic and uniform, which means you are no longer that unique little snowflake but just one of many. It makes it that much more difficult to set yourself apart when everyone is also wearing that au courant (insert latest trend piece here). Luckily, with spring right around the corner the new season brings with it plenty of opportunities to stand out and apart.

Browse 4 rebellious 2014 trends that go against the status quo.



3D Floral


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Temperley London

temperley_245242_ivorymi_cCrystal Blossom Top

Floral for spring isn’t ground-breaking, we know this. So instead of the expected 2D petals, opt for in-your-face 3D blooms, like those seen on Dolce & Gabbana, Marni and Bulmarine’s spring 2014 runways.