StyleBlazer Street Shots 01.31.14: Cool In The Cool

Street Style MariJ In the summer it's so easy to be stylish. The lack of layers allows your outfit to be showcased, plain and simple. Forget what others say, layering in the winter isn't stylish. And if it is, it's hard as hell. The people in this slideshow have met the challenge of dressing for the season. With coats, boots, hats, gloves and other outwear options, a unique look has been achieved by each of these StyleBlazers. And we're not just saying this because our resident photographer found them. They're a true inspiration and we will definitely take note for New York Fashion Week next week. See all the stylish streets shots on the next pages.
Street Style MariJ2
Street Style Mari4
Street Style Mari5
Street Style Mari6
Street Style Mari7
Street Style Mari8
Street Style Mari9
Street Style Mari10
Street Style Mari11
Street Style Mari12
Street Style Mari13
Street Style Mari14
Street Style Mari15

(All Photos Shot Exclusively By Mari J. Brooklyn for StyleBlazer)

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