Kim Kardashian’s Midriff Makes Its Post-Baby Debut

Kim Kardashian bares her Mid Drift for dinner with Kris and KhloePhoto: AKM-GSI


Kim Kardashian is out and proud! The reality star headed to Fins Restaurant with mom, Kris Jenner and Khloe for an afternoon taping of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” and showed her midriff for the first time in public, post-North West.

In a black crop top, high-water pants, and wool coat the new mommy strutted her stuff– stomach and all. And we’re actually loving the look.


Kim Kardashian bares her Mid Drift for dinner with Kris and KhloePhoto: AKM-GSI


There’s nothing better than a confident mommy and it’s good to see her taking bold style moves, while embracing her new shape. Her stomach isn’t wash-board perfect but Kimmy is still showing that she can be sexy and demure at the same time. And her imperfect works in her favor.

While we’re sure some of you will disagree, citing the whole conservative mommy rule…. we challenge you to check out more pics of the look on the next page and then give us your opinion.

Let us know what you think!


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  1. says:

    lol she looks maybe its the coat hiding her thighs but her calves look bigger then her thighs LOL

  2. says:

    And you can clearly see that the front of her hair is a weave by the very way that it’s comb the top is seperated from the back with no visable part on the side but nothing special here Kim is 33 yrs old she should be leaving the midriff thing to the teens and twenty yr olds she’s a bit too old

  3. says:

    Gargoyle face!

  4. says:

    I think she looks good! All black everything with the gold heels too….yes lawd! And of course Kimmy cakes got on another fly a** trench. Ugh what I would I give to raid her trenches! Khole got the black constructs on….she know what it is!

  5. says:

    she looks so much better with dark hair, I dont know what weaves look like because I dont wear them but just because there is no visible part doesnt make it a weave, I have thick hair and when my bang is on the side you can’t see a part either..

  6. says:

    Tell me why does she think its ok to wear a full winter coat with summer shoes and a mid-drift. If thats fashion , they can have it. Looks very uncomfortable. Besides she looks like she has on a workout suite under all that. Really KIM. You look to STAGED!

  7. says:

    She’s wearing the Aaliyah hairdo.

  8. says:

    Poor Kim! She is going to end up looking like Michael Jackson after awhile (and I LOVE MJ)…Too much surgery.

  9. says:

    If your stomach is not tight, stick with full length shirts. You are 32 yrs old and a Mother. Leave the “Crop Tops” to the Super Models and teenagers

  10. says:

    Does she know just how ugly she is with all that botched up plastic in her face or nah?

  11. says:

    The crop top isn’t for everybody

  12. says:

    Kim K. looks great to me! No one needs washboard abs to wear a cropped top. She was eating out before filming their show; so that explains the spring-like outfit and the need for the coat. Who cares about surgery anymore? I sure don’t. It’s a personal choice. Look the best you can possibly afford to look.

  13. says:

    While all surgeries carry some risk of complications, some are considered more minor than others. For that reason, some people fear liposuction far more than having nose and boob jobs or eye surgeries. Kim K. has obviously been losing the weight the natural way. She looks great for losing weight naturally (seems to be rare in celeb world), especially for her short stature/body type. Age is irrelevant to me when it comes to showing a reasonable amount of skin within a reasonable age range. It not like she is near 60. Even some of them, have afforded surgeries that allow them to show peeks of skin.

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