Stephanie Seymour Profiled In Harper's Bazaar With Sons Peter, Harry

Mommie Dearest: Stephanie Seymour And Sons Pose Together In Racy Photo Shoot

Stephanie Seymour

Upon first glance, there are a number of judgments that could be made about Stephanie Seymour and her two sons Peter Jr. and Harry in their new photo shoot for Harper’s Bazaar; their extreme closeness–which has been questioned previously in the media–is on full display. Shot by Sebastian Faena, the spread shows Stephanie’s two boys (aged 20 and 17) assisting their mother in various stages of getting dressed. The idea behind the shoot is no doubt a nod back to when the boys were small children and used to help dress their mother–they tended to pick out elaborate couture gowns and accessories, she told the magazine.

The shoot was part of a profile on the mom and her two sons, “Mums The Word,” that delves into their fashionable family. Seymour has been modeling for three decades and her two youngest sons (she has a third from a previous marriage) have been fixtures on the fashion and art circuit for most of their lives; their father is the billionaire art collector, Peter Brant.

Most young men would be loath to participate in a fashion shoot with their mother, but for both Peter Jr. and Harry, fashion is life. Peter, for example, wore a tuxedo to his fourth grade graduation, and counts a Louis XIV getup as his favorite Halloween costume of his youth. “It was just so obvious. In super-preppy Greenwich, we stuck out like sore thumbs,” he told Harper’s.

Their style and presence on the New York social scene have been topics of conversation for years, the boys even had a New York Times profile in 2012. As they continue to mature and figure out what they want from life, we can expect to see a lot more from the Brant boys in fashion, in whatever way that might be. Says Seymour, “As long as they’re happy, they will find their way. Look at everything fashion has given me.”

Click through to take a look at the unconventional family portraits of Stephanie and her sons, and head over to Harper’s for the whole “Mums The Word” profile.

StyleBlazers, is this photo shoot too racy for a mother and her sons?

  • Kenya

    Hmmmm???? Don’t exactly know what to think on that one

  • Keeping it 100

    When I first glanced at this I thought “oh older woman trying to be a cougar” then when I looked at the title I smdh and said “I’m not surprised”

  • Lexington

    Yuck!!!!!! There’s no way; no way that I’d ever be caught fondling my sons or vice versa in photos impartially dressed. Just the thought sickens me.

    • luzzjl524

      my Aunty Grace got a nearly
      new blue Kia by working part time from the internet. look at this now

  • S Jo

    I try not to be racial, but this seems to be the
    year of white women engaging in
    inappropriate behavior with young boys,
    even if its their own! Smh!

  • eisha0417

    Omg her boots are to die for! I see nothing wrong with this. They weren’t doing anything inappropriate.

    • Pauly Cobb

      and where is the man who knocked u up?…cause you aint married…he is in jail isnt he

      • eisha0417

        Ugh no my husband is not in jail.

  • Ms. Guest Lady

    Incest photos

  • tarrilove

    They look just like mom. This is harmless, I’ve never heard about them getting in trouble. So she must have raised them right. Well, her nanny anyway.

    • Pauly Cobb

      No wonder your people are so f’d up…u think this is normal…great values winner

  • AnnelliDAREAL

    I don’t find anything wrong with these photo(s). People need to lay up off he whole “older woman” bull s h i t – if a woman looks great and can still make money doing so, then LET IT BE! Don’t nobody need the worlds opinion all the d a m n time.

    • Pauly Cobb

      They are her biological offspring idiot!

      • AnnelliDAREAL

        So the f u c k what dumb a s s…..ain’t nothing wrong with these pics

  • momofthree

    Makes me think of that movie “Spanking the Monkey”. This is just wrong.

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    what is her problem?…there was discussion a little while back about a pic of her at the beach with her son that looked inappropriate…does child protective services need to be called or what?

  • redhead1

    And people wonder why today’s youth have little respect for their parents and elders much less themselves. Perhaps Stephanie would like to join Miley in a twerking routine with these boys in attendance. Some people grow old but never grow up.